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  1. Name: Eris
    Location: Switzerland
    Score: 804'460 Points (230 Lines, Level 18-29)
    Date: 18th of May 2019
    Software + Hardware: Mesen (Emulator) + Logitech Precision Gamepad
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  2. Hi all, I've been playing a few months inspired by watching CTWC on YouTube and the documentary movie. Great stuff!

    Currently I just play on my laptop using the keyboard and Nestopia. Can't get a console yet as I'm travelling. But is there a better laptop/keyboard/emulator way? I see a lot of talk of lag.

    Not great yet but I'm amazed at the progress. Transitioning to Level 10 used to be terrifying and the death of me; then I got to starting on Level 15 and was on that for a while, till I hit 450k. 18 seemed impossible but after plunging into 19 (very happy to have scored even one Tetris and get 20 lines) 18 now seems doable (current high on that 266k) so I'm getting a sense of how the guys at the top survive and prosper. Little by little, everything seems to be slowing down and making more sense.

    I'm 43. Never played NES. Very fun to get into something like this. :)
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  3. Is this the first keyboard+emu maxout or are there others?
  4. Jani made it much before me and there also are probably others
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  5. Name: PMYA
    Location: UK
    Score: 999,999 (28+5.xx) not sure how to work this out exactly
    Date: 26/05/19
    Hardware: Emulator (Nestopia), SNES controller
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  6. Muf


    Because you had zero posts before you posted that. It's spam protection. Post the video anyway and a mod will approve your post.
  7. I still can't seem to do it, am I missing some formatting thing I need to do?
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    What error are you getting?
  9. it says 404 file not found, it's a Twitch link
  10. I just downloaded FCEUX to check on that one and it's the same thing: PAL plays slower (and easier) than NTSC.
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    You're not playing the PAL version; you're just playing the NTSC version on a PAL "console". Download the PAL (EU) ROM and try again.
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  12. Why are you capping the scores at 999,999? Wouldn't it be better for ranking to allow points past maxout?
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  13. Here are some high scores past 999.999 that I've noticed (with links to videos):

    Koryan - 1,273,120
    Joseph Saelee - 1,255,100
    Jonas Neubauer - 1,245,200
    Harry Hong - 1,200,607
    Greentea Suitou - 1,133,960
    Ben Mullen - 1,089,640

    Koryan's is for sure the highest, but I'm not sure if that's the actual 'Top Six'.

    Would anybody like to guess how many players have maxed out who aren't on this list? What's the world-wide all-time total?
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  14. Wow, that's crazy! That's the World Record then - but do the main guys even know?

    I just watched a bit of him playing, including a CTM deathmatch against Buco, with Joseph in the chat.

    Here's the World Record vid:

    He maxes out on Level 24, hitting a Tetris when on 986,920 at 185 lines (I guess Alex will work out the exact line; but I think that makes it the second earliest max out).

    Amazing play. His stacking is so clean.
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  15. Getting closer, man. Don't think I will catch up to you, lol.

    Been a while since my last improvement. But here we go - including a handful of lines done on 19. My 18 is becoming way better in consistency - albeit I still end up being too line-dependant too often as you can see in this run. But I was fortunate enough for things to work out. My 19 is at least at the point where I can survive some lines and get a tetris here and there.

    588.000 points transition. Also dat 3:52 misdrop. Almost had me do a dirty tetris.

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  16. Name: Eris
    Location: Switzerland
    Score: 821'180 Points (232 Lines, Level 18-29)
    Date: 19th of June 2019
    Hardware: Original With CRT
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  17. DLo


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  18. i know my highest is 1.197. jani can verify since he did the math, not me lol
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  19. Name: ZefanyaNenu (Nenu)
    Score: 999,999 (1,095,020) Level 18 Start
    Date: 06/28/2019
    Hardware: NES Emulator (Mesen)
    Country: Indonesia

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