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  1. Hey, I did this Dec 2, 2016... haha
  2. Name: niner80
    Score: 933,340
    Date: 2-5-2019
    Hardware: NES + NES-004

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  3. 731,608 at 185 lines from an 18 start
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  4. Name: CylinderKnot
    Score: 534,160 (level 18 start, 200 lines)
    Date: March 5, 2019
    Hardware: Emulator
    Country: United States
    Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.01.28 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.01.57 AM.png

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  5. @CylinderKnot
    That big half million! And rocked it out the level 26!
    Big Congrats!
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  6. Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 884541- level 18 start; lvl 29 finish 233 lines
    Date: 2019-03-06
    Hardware: NES
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  7. Name: Cole
    Country: Born in Canada, live in California
    Score: 999,999 (Level 18 Start, 27+9.56)
    Date: 2019-03-06
    Hardware: retroUSB AVS with original NES Controller
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  8. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 666.318 points (level 18 start, 155 lines, level 21 finish) (previous post here)
    Date: 12.03.2019
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES controller

    Finally, I defeated the 600k barrier, and with a flourish! Level 18 I managed to pass quite efficiently, transition to level 19 with tetris, with 127 lines and 600.*** points. In the next levels, two more tetrises were made. I am very happy about this, because now I can finally practice level 19 (overcoming the 600k barrier starting from 18 level was the assumption).

    I must finally set up my workstation and start recording my gameplays. Especially because I use two trick (one I saw yesterday, but it failed) quite hard to perform I have not seen before on any other gameplay (and I watched all the videos on the CTWC channel and many more on private channels).

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  9. Doesn't FCEUX input lag horribly?
  10. I don't know because I don't have a actual console with CRT TV to compare.

    There are lags, but when it comes to the actual console connected to the LCD TV (by converting the analogue signal to digital, scaling the frame and so on). In the case of playing on the emulator, the conversion does not occur, so there are no lags.

    However, on the other hand, no emulator is able to 100% perfectly reproduce the work of a real console. Therefore, micro lags may occur, however, for other reasons. All the more so when it comes to synchronizing frame generation with the refresh rate of the monitor screen (VSync is not desirable).

    Try to play the PAL version on the PC, which the screen is refreshed at 60Hz and with VSync turned on — you'll know what I'm talking about.
  11. Didn't have much time to play Tetris for quite some time. So about a year later I eventually started again into it. After 6 days managed to beat my old record barely. Including getting a Tetris scored at Lv19 (I still barely manage maximum a few lines on it, though). Also swapped to Mesen. Definitely feels more accurate to be honest.

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  12. That's awesome! More than once I've wondered how your Tetris playing was coming along. Its great to see that you found time to get back into it. Congrats on the PB and the lvl 19 Tetris! Looks like it's time to grind 19.
  13. Name: Dan Chilton (bjork24)
    Country: USA
    City: Springfield
    Score: 722,466 (Level 18 start, 24 end)
    Date: 03/27/2019
    Hardware: NES

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  14. So I did a thing, that's not special for most of you, but I'd love to see my name on that list. Please don't watch any of the rest of that video. :( :)

    93 - - theguardianPM - 512,120 - 21+?.00 - NES (15)

    Start is at 36:24
    Finish -
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  15. Got a new best one. Including two Tetrises on 19 before misdropping. Was a pretty clean game without much fixing, but once. And was fortunate then to get the right pieces.


    Hey man. Yeah, I had life throw some really nasty curveball at me. Had to deal with some shit (and still kinda have to). So eventually found some time for more Tetris. We both started around the same time, right?

    For now I'm more focused on improving my 18. 19 is all good and such, but I don't exactly get consistently to it. Probably because I play too aggressively. I still play 19 as a warm-up for 10-15 minutes before every session. So my play is certainly getting slowly better there (50 lines is a record so far), but no pressure. Once I reach 18 regulary with ~500k transitions I will certainly go only 19 practice. Probably will take a little bit of time until then, though. Especially since I don't fully understand DAS just yet. I mean, I get that it's kind of a "recharge" for every movement the piece does - but I don't fully get how to manipulate it. Instead I just play and try to keep it permanently up.
    Since I got myself a new PC this year I might consider recording a session as well to show my play. Not spectacular, but its certainly improving.
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  16. Congrats on the new PB!

    Yeah, we both started right about the same time.

    I've put an unreal amount of time into 19 starts. The upshot is that I now have the "Theoretical Maxout" if I combine my 18 start Transition bests and my best 19 starts or transition trainer games.

    Ultra aggression gets me into about 95% of my troubles in this game. Trying to find that balance every match is long term learning experience.

    I really recommend the 2 Tetris discord servers. The Classic Tetris Community and the Classic Tetris Monthly. CTM is a whole loadout of different online competitive Tetris events that anybody, no matter the skill level, can compete in. If youd like the invites, I'll direct message them to you.

    Recording gameplay or streaming live is really really cool. I started with just recirding and am now running a full fledged channel on Twitch. Alot of the community hold their own 1 on 1 matches and stuff.

    Twitch and discord have been an ongoing, excellent experiences for me in the Community.

    I can totally understand life throwing nasty curveballs. I've definitely been there a few times over the years. I hope things get better and stay better!
  17. It was so close to the new PB (starting from 18 level), but as always — Z-storm and drought have killed me... I had a chance to beat the barrier of 700k points.

    Bad luck is my best friend. ;)

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  18. Name: AdamMts02
    Score: 999,999 - level 18 start, if I counted correctly maxout point is 29+1.97
    Date: April 10th, 2019
    Hardware: Nestopia emulator, keyboard control
    Country: Poland
    The game was played off-stream, the video is a cut of a stream where I showed the game right after the maxout

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  19. Yes!!! It was only a matter of time on this one.

  20. I still suck at level 19. My best so far was getting 4 tetrises or once at 55 lines or something. Not that great. Most of my attempts fail at 15-20 lines. That being said, practicing it a bit helped me clear better and not rely on tricky moves that I can do at 18.

    My balance gets fairly decent on 18 so far. My biggest problem is still having too many misdrops. Without them I think I would be able to reach 19 with 450k+ scores fairly consistently. My stacking obviously isn't Jonas or Koryan level, but it's been improved quite a bit I think. The other day I survived a 48 pieces long draught and in the following I was at around 35.

    No competition as of yet. I rather gitgud at level 19 first ;) But I might take your offer in a few months, lol. btw, do you hyper-tap or play DAS?

    Recording works well with new PC. Literally no rendering time at all and no lags in the Emulator. For streaming my internet is too slow. I could only stream with a 550 bitrate. That's pretty horrible. Plus I wouldn't really be consistent at it anyway. But i did start recording a bit and occasionally will upload some decent attempts on here. For now I was trying until I get a run without more than 1 misdrop recorded to show my stacking being reasonably smooth.

    And not much of a community guy. Kinda doing my own thing. I used to be one of the best players at Trackamnia a decade ago and even then mostly did my own thing. I play the game, because I like playing it. Not because I want to socialise.

    And thanks for the wishes. Yeah, life can be nasty sometimes. I mean, I get through pretty much everything. I'm kind of the person where friends ask "again something new?". Haha. But it would be nice to occasionally have a break from it ;)
    But hey, I'm healthy, I have to eat - so I'm good. Albeit this last curveball almost made me lose everything I own (which is not much, but it's my own property with a small house on it that's close to becoming dept-free). Protip: Never put all your hope on justice in court. Always have a backup route. Especially when it's a 6-digit case.

    And here is me doing some stuff:

    Edit: I just realised it also recorded the background music. Sorry about that. I will make sure that doesn't happen again. At least I didn't have some death metal on, lol.
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