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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  2. So how do i post myscore here? getting on the leaderboard?
  3. Just post your score with that kind of formatting.

    Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 709452- level 18 start; 197 lines lvl 25 finish
    Date: 12/23/2018
    Hardware: NES
    Game on Twitch

    The first page will be updated soon after, as soon as someone with the rights to edit sees it.

    I want to see my 700k in the list ...
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  4. My higghest score

    Name: Dino (dynoman9398 )
    Country: Slovenia
    City: Maribor
    Score: 449,089 - level 15 start; level 18 finish
    Date: 9.november 2018
    Hardware: Emulator
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  5. DLo


    *I know. I sound like a broken record lol (I promise after CTWC I won’t be playing as much)*

    Name: David Lopez (DLo aka real_diculous)
    Score: 674,720 (Level 18 start to level 27 and 215 lines)
    Date: 12/27/18
    Hardware: NES (standard controller)
    Country: USA
    Game streamed live on Twitch. Also on YouTube here:

    58145202-1A45-4922-9FC5-9695E05D4D16.jpeg 9C533E21-B4C1-4702-9DB7-85C92A77F251.jpeg
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  6. Finally broke 400k! (...he says after 2 weeks of playing)

    401,200 on level 18. I died promptly after hitting the transition with a messy stack.

    At this point I'm getting reasonably consistent at level 18 play, since I can have "markers" like in TGM (2 taps left for this piece to go to that column, full-on hypertap to get the next piece all the way to the side, etc) until I get a tall stack. I'm mostly dying when I forget to start skimming before I'm halfway up the well & the randomizer punishes my more TGM-like stacking habits.

    Level 19 not so, unless I'm playing very conservatively down at the bottom of the well. Otherwise, it's just nonstop hypertapping, which I'm slowly getting more consistent at, but it's still more like skill stopping the piece where you want it. I like that the essence of what makes NES Tetris, well, NES Tetris is still intrinsic to level 19 no matter how you play. I'm dying as much for hesitation reasons as for misdrop reasons, so it's hard to say how I'll progress on this, but I get the sense that I'm learning a new skill in a qualitatively different way for level 19 versus level 18, in addition to the quantitative increase in difficulty. I'm also just plain more experienced at TGM1/level 18 speeds than I am at Death/level 19 speeds. So there are several hurdles to overcome here, whereas level 18 seems more a matter of optimizing my intuition around the new (to me) randomizer & piece mobility combo.

    Hopefully there will be more to come sooner than later!

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  7. UPDATE :

    Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 734002- level 18 start; lvl 29 finish 230 lines
    Date: 01/05/2019
    Hardware: NES
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  8. new PB, 914,620
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  9. DLo


    (Congrats Lastarot! I love that we keep outdoing each other!)
    Ok, back here again lol

    Name: DLo (Dave Lopez aka real_diculous)
    Score: 719,280 (Level 18 start to Level 29 and 231 lines)
    Date: 1/7/19
    Hardware: NES (standard controller)
    Country: USA
    Game streamed live on Twitch. Also available here on YouTube:

    8DC4415A-63C2-4804-AF65-6A3F15F22AF4.jpeg D2A37C7D-3B93-4BA3-AF82-4B3497A1747F.jpeg
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  10. 49827663_10156342321797144_5931230208051904512_o.jpg
    Name: Paul Tesi (Mega RetroMan)
    Country: USA
    City: Seattle
    Score: 999,999 (Level 18 Start, 27 End 215 Lines)
    Date: 1/10/2019
    Hardware: NES
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