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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. @David Lopez A 600k score after just picking NEStris back up after 25 years of no gameplay is ridiculously impressive to me. It really says something about how much playing Tetris really does physically rewire and change your brain. You retained Expert level skills across a quarter century. I suspect that a Max out is in your near future. Nearer than my Max out, to be sure. I would love to see your gameplay. Do you stream on Twitch or maybe upload to YouTube? Also, are you over on the Tetris discords?
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  2. DLo


    Wow, thank you, Raul, I really appreciate that!! I have to say I started playing Tetris again this past summer and couldn't even break 200k, but then like you said, something clicked in my head and then suddenly it's like the skill retained in my brain for 25 years just let loose and one day it just all came back to me. I average in the 400-500k's and I finally hit that (2nd) 600k score just tonight! Super pumped and can only hope you're right about the max out! The biggest thing right now to me standing in my way to achieving that seems to be my timing on 19 speed. I can do the builds and cleaning, but I tend to do slight misdrops etc because of das adjusting, etc.

    Something that I didn't mention that you might also find impressive is that back 25 years ago I had NEVER tried to max out, etc. I always started my games at Level 0 (9 at the most) because I was always practicing for the NWC competiton. So these scores (besides that one time I hit 825k as a kid) are all new to me. I only just started starting at level 18 in July to practice for the CTWC.

    I just recently started streaming Tetris, although not having too much success with it. My twitch stream is "real_diculous", pay no attention to the Fortnite lol. I think uploading to YouTube is a great idea tho! Not in any discords. Just getting going again :)

    (Quick question: how do I get my score added to the leaderboard list? It looks like I'd be in 69th place for now. Thanks!)
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  3. @David Lopez I got an email of your reply, but its not here. Lol. In any event it really is more impressive that a level 18 start is a new notion for you. The format, back in the day, was geared for lower level starts.

    Once you post your score with a pic or video into the thread, it will be added at the next update.

    Those 600ks are super solid. I've only managed three in total. My level 19 gameplay is were all my work remains. I do at least an hour of 19 everyday. I'm still trying to get a 200k+ score. Current is 199k. Lol

    Also, I really recommend the 2 main Tetris Discords.

    CTM - Classic Tetris Monthly (monthly Tetris tournament on Twitch and weekly Tetris Deathmatches)
    CTC - Classic Tetris Central

    I can grab invite links if you'd like. Same goes to everyone.

    Your post is showing now. Lol
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    Ah, ok. I think I posted it already in here (as an attachment direct from my phone), so then I guess I'm good to go for the next update! Adding it here again just to be safe.
    Thanks for the info on Discord, yes please send links when possible!

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  5. Gosh, I never get tired of seeing a 600k on the board. Lol. I will direct message you the invites. They are only good for 24 hours. If you miss the window, just let me know and I'd be happy to send them again. :)
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  6. I'm already good to go for CTM, but can you please send me an invite to the CTC discord?
  7. I'd be glad to.
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  8. Could you give me the invite links too?
  9. I can.

    To anyone else that would like the invites, just shoot me a direct message and I'll get them right over to you.
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  10. Another maxout (still on emulator)! Improved by a few lines - I'm not sure of the calculations, though. I was at something around 989k at 222 lines on level 28 and scored a Tetris to get the maxout.

    I also just ordered a NES because I figured it was time for that.
    Tetris (USA)_003.png
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  11. Update :
    Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 658428 - level 18 start; 185 lines lvl 24 finish
    Date: 11/22/18
    Hardware: NES
    Game on twitch
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  12. IMG_20181205_004250.jpg
    Level 15 start.

    My 18 start PB is roughly 300k. I'm mostly training 15,18,19. I can only do maybe 20-30 lines on 19. Hoping to keep improving on this as I focus more on DAS and downstacking more effectively. It wasn't that long ago I could only play on level 9, so I'm happy with the progress and the journey! :)
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  13. New update :D So close to 700k

    Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 697700- level 18 start; 225lines lvl 28 finish
    Date: 11/22/18
    Hardware: NES
    Game on Twitch
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  14. So close! My goodness.

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