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    Level 18 start, Level 27 w/ 211 lines


    Maybe worth mentioning?....I did do this on a live stream, but I don't think anyone was watching. Probably all games will be streamed live from now on :V

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    @Cheston: Thanks! :D I'm really glad to have pulled it all together. :)
    @Cyb: If I were aiming for just the grade and not time attack, I think I could get an GM on most days if I tried. I've pulled it off first-of-the-day a couple times. I got an ~8:30 GM at Fanime on my second M-Roll of the day(^Wnight^morning^Wwhat is sleep). I don't have the same confidence that I could secure that many max-out or near max-out games in a short space with NES Tetris -- at least not yet. :p
    @Josh: That's some pretty major stuff! Looks to be on pace for a potential max-out -- keep it up! :D
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    My new high starting on 19 is 224,000 (in 101 lines).
    I am almost ready to try combining this with the other levels.
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    Awesome stuff! :D Putting it all together can be tricky, but you definitely have the tools to hit the next big milestones. Keep it up! :)
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    Hi everyone, it seems every year the LA tournament comes up, I get in the mood to play some tetris. Although it's been a long time since the last tournament, I've been stuck craving tetris. Combing through this thread, I see I was mentioned earlier when the topic was discussing Midwest Gaming Classic (I'm Frank aka rizz).

    Good to meet you Cheston - we seem to be very close in tetris skills (always fun to talk with someone that's in the same boat).

    I'd like to submit my high score for Type A:
    I really don't recall the level, but my best guess would be about level 22. I know I didn't die right at transition, and I didn't last anywhere near 29.

    I'm hoping these uncertainties won't last long, because I really should be able to top that score soon (and I'll have video when I do).
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    Records updated. :) Welcome aboard, rizz.
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    i know this sucks compared to everyone else but i almost never play this. like, i just learned that you can charge DAS between pieces
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    That's a pretty solid score -- I think you'll be breaking into the 500k bracket soon enough. :)

    One thing that's worth noting about DAS behavior is that the counter can only be affected (i.e. charging or dropping) during active time. That means, while you can't build more charge between pieces, you're free to change directions before the next piece comes out. You're also allowed to release left/right without losing DAS charge, so skillstopping on specific columns is a valid aspect of finesse in NES Tetris. Finally, blocked shifts (i.e. into the stack or the playfield walls) instantly give full DAS charge; the likely intended use of this feature is to allow buffered slides rather than precise timing (as is still required for twists), but you can also just use it to tech your way to free DAS if necessary.

    Just remember that the only thing that loses you DAS is tapping while the piece is active. If you have to tap, just remember that you need to either tech to regain that momentum or potentially adjust your plans for the next piece.
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    Hello, I am from Ohio and have been playing NES Tetris since 1990. I haven't played for years until recently when I was reading about the Tetris Championship in 2010 and wanted to start playing again. I still have trouble with the transition, but here is my best score for a long time. All you guys are exceptional players and I hope I can get to your level soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Welcome aboard getzie, thanks for joining. :D

    The transition is definitely tricky. Even with a good understanding of how to handle 19 speeds separately, that endgame switch still has the potential to end a lot of games. Make sure that things are in control as you get into the last 10 lines before the transition; it can be tempting to push for more tetrises, but make sure it isn't at the cost of field stability with the transition is coming up. When you're getting used to how to adjust to the switch, it can also help to play the first level or so afterward just playing defensively and clearing down to the bottom while you try to get things in order and find the proper flow. Other than that, just try your best every time and eventually it should click. :) Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the advice. Some of the other guys mention practicing on level 19 and I do, but you are right, it is very tricky and takes time. One other thing I try is just starting on level 18 (my normal starting level is 15) and make lines (no pressure of making tetrises) to get to level 19 and practice the transition. It seems to be a good training tool. My kids:D keep me busy so there is not alot of play time for me but enough to slowly improve.

    There aren't many people I know that play Tetris, so I appreciate this forum for reading and learning. Thanks again:)
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    Glad to have you on board Getzie!

    Kitarus advice is great as always so thats all i have for now ;)
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    Oh yeah. 900 is just around the corner.

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  15. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

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    Wow, we've got some hardcore proness going on in this thread. Louie, I updated your score, I assume it was a lvl. 18 start?

    I'll have to get back into this game at some point, and get a real NES while I'm about it. I keep on getting pushed further and further down the leaderboard. (Not that I was ever all that high up to begin with :(). I just read about the Retro Duo and was thinking of getting one once I'm done with my exams in a month's time. Apparently they're multi region NES and SNES compatible, so it would do for this, T&DM, ST2, ST3, and any others. Anyone here happen to have one and could give a recommendation?
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    edo: bought myself a retro duo, very good system but you'll need an original super nes controller to really enjoy it ^^
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    Hooray, a new high score. I finally decided to 'not' go for tetrises at the level 19 speed, and as a result, my slow and steady game ended with a higher score. I started with level 18.
    655,806 218 lines (level 27)

    I could upload video if absolutely necessary, but I'd rather hold off on uploading till I'm able to get 700k. Hope I'm not too far off. :)
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    Thanks Ben.

    I do have a question on "skill stopping" that you or someone else can answer. After charging DAS, I just release L/R to stop. Is there something else that is involved in skill stopping? (Overshooting is a problem for me.)

    Hopefully you or someone can explain this without giving away any of their secrets.

    Good Luck:D to all you guys that will be going to Portland.

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