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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Level 9 start. 464720. Level 19 end.
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  2. I'd like to bump a little bit up the list :)

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  3. just realised i'm in the leaderboard twice lol, 64 & 74
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  4. Updated and fixed.
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  5. Today, I joined the level 26 maxout club! 26 + 6.24 lines.

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  6. Hi all,

    I haven't been active in tetris for a while in terms of actually playing and practicing but i'm picking it back up. AAAAAAAAANYWAY, I see TC is still very active and it makes me happy. It also makes me think about the sort of records we track and keep a leader-board for. We have always done earliest max, which is a good thing to do, but it seems like "highest total score" is a pretty common thing to go for these days as well.

    Am I nuts and do we already maintain a leader-board for that or should we make one? I can see where it would be a bit much and I dont want to make it a burden on (probably Alex). It would end up being 4 total lists: overall high score/ earliest. then lvl 19 overall/ earliest.

    So... idk
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  8. On a further note, I ran a 199k and a 213k from level 9 yesterday. Played some B-type for training purposes and ran the heights on 8, 9 an 10, hitting Tetri by building on the rubble as opposed to trying to clean the mess up.

    My skills have improved drastically in what I feel to be a short amount of time. I'm super stoked that I found a community that very much understands the struggle that is "Tetris". I combed back through most of this thread and was just thrilled to observe the battles of days now gone. Watching the evolution of players and the improvements is an inspiration.

    I'm getting myself a full blown NES setup for Christmas this year. I know that playing on a real console, with a real controller, on a real TV is going to do wonders for my scores. It's going to be a long winter and I have lots of catching up to do.

    It seems to me that lots of you folks have been playing this game for a very long time. I, on the other hand, have only been getting my soul crushed by Tetris for 3 months. I have to put in my time...and I look forward to it. :)
  9. [​IMG]

    Starting at level 18 and playing with Emulator (Nestopia). Not ready for level 19 by any means. Is there any tool or way to keep playing level 18? Would like to practice it until I play it very stable and reliant before practicing 19.

    Edit: Nevermind my score. I just realised that for some reason my emulator is sped up. I compared the loading screen "blinking" when the level number blinks out to Jonas' stream and mine is a whole lot faster. Lol. Gotta figure out why now or eventually try out a different emulator and/or rom-file. Maybe level 19 isn't as impossible as I thought. :D

    Edit 2: Just tried out a different emulator and have the same problem. Do EU computer-screens also have Pal and I have issues because I play a NTSC rom? Or is my rom just shit?

    Edit 3: Tried different roms. It's all the same. Though I am not sure if they are really different or just the same rom from different websites.
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    Nearly 2 weeks of grinding for a 28K bump to my Personal Best.

    283709 : Lvl9 start, Lvl 13 finish.

    I buckled bad. Although the new controller is a huge improvement. It just feels right in the hands.

    And the bummer is that not only did I not get a screen shot of the closing screen with the stats, I wasn't recording with my fancy new recording program.

    Such is Tetris, I guess. :)
  11. This move me up the list just slightly: Max at lvl 27 and 5.269 lines

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  12. Finally got one!

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  13. Giving up on figuring out why my emulator is going faster. Just going with the flow and accepting it's a bit faster (about 15-25%) until one day I might get an actual NES. So just played some the recent days with the aim to reach 400.000 while starting level 18 and to become more consistent at it. I reached 400.000, but the consistency is not quite there yet. Albeit it's improved.


    Almost even made the 500.000, but then I fucked up. Once I manage to get to 500.000+ and do regular 350.000+ I will try my luck to practice level 19.

    Also my stack building definitely has improved into a diagonal line from up-right to low-left. Have to compete with my inner OCD for that. Albeit I don't exactly have OCD, but flat just feels more satisfying.
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  14. 322653
    Lvl 9 start - lvl 16 finish.
    165 lines
    New personal best.
    Year end goal, number 1, accomplished.
    300k club

    I dig it. :)
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  15. bmw


    FINALLY after playing this game off and on for 20+ years I got my first 600k game. And it was a good one.

    Level 9 start. Actual NES hardware (captured via RGB output to a Micomsoft XRGB-3)

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  16. New Personal Best. 371163. Lvl 9 Start - lvl 17 Finish. 178 lines. Moves me one spot up the scoreboard. :)

    I've worked really hard these past 5 months.

    400k is next. :)
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  17. Small new PB 385607. 197 lines. Lvl 9 - lvl 19. First time taking it to 19. One more spot up the board.

    Still Hunting That 400k.
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  18. Hello! This is my first post on this forum so I hope it is correctly posted.

    Last year I started playing NES Tetris (great thanks to SQR and Koryan!) and got utterly fascinated by this game.
    Today I recorded a personal best, which seems worth submitting here.

    891293 pts, NES (18 ), 231 Lines (29+1.00)

    [EDIT] a new PB recorded today too! 913367 pts, NES ( 18 ), 229 Lines (28+9.00)

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  19. Barely improved my PB. Was a tough game actually with lots of clearing to do and yet scoring well. That's why I am posting it here despite the marginal improvement.


    Other than that I haven't had too much time to play the last two months and just now got around it again. I am definitely improving still and had some really good shots at 500+ pts. Peaking at a run I failed at line 90 with 450.000 pts. Eventually will reach the 500.000 though. Just a matter of time at this point. Once I do I will start practicing 19 and try to gitgud at it.
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  20. Maxout!!


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