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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. you are on a tear sir! congrats!
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  2. Thank you everybody for the support!!
    Likers included.

    Lol, you're too generous xD
    And thank you for all your comments on youtube, they were much appreciated!
    It's funny that I pointed out how clean your playing style was (in your max vid), and after that I got a game that was just the opposite (because lot of things can be said about my 2nd max, but not that it's a clean game xD)

    Thank you!!
    Yes, I'm playing on emulator, with a Nes controller and an Usb adapter...
    I wish this was on a console and I had actual proof of the back-to-back, but I am happy with this anyway (and who wouldn't be? xD)


    Now I feel that a good way to prove that I'm not a cheater should be joining the next CTWC, I am also curious about how a real console feels like...
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  3. Congratulations Simba! That's fkn awesome!!!
  4. Thank you Svavar!!
  5. FeV


    I'll just put this here. (level 18 start, NES)
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  6. FeV



    (level 9 start, 233532 @ transition, NES)
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  7. upload_2016-3-27_15-29-9.png
    lv9 start
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  8. FeV



    (level 9 start, 172125 @ transition, NES)

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  9. ffffffffff
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  10. Koryan (notable Japanese player) finally got his first maxout on Sunday. I'm actually kinda surprised that he hadn't done it already, given how good he is at many different Tetris games.

    (And this time it's even in the correct thread...)
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  11. Whoa! Did Japan just enter the NES Tetris territory?
  12. [​IMG]
    small improvement.. I swear PAL is easier for me. :p
    364,347 level 9 start

    EDIT: Got another one.
    445,740 Level 9 start. Ended early due to a misdrop.
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  13. Whos all going to CTWC this year? I am back in!!
  14. I'll most likely be going [as a spectator]
  15. OK, updated! I finally got some programming work done that makes updating these NES threads much smoother. Please let me know if you spot any discrepancies and I'll correct the bugs/errors. Similarly, let me know if there is anything missing.
  16. Hey Alex, good to see you back here updating the thread.

    Not sure what happened with my entry on the max list, but it doesn't have my level and line fraction there, which I believe should be 28+8.55. I was at 995,174 at 228 lines then I got a tetris. If you give me level 28 tetris points, and divide by 4 to get the per line points that is 8700 per line (34800/4). I needed 4825 more points to reach 999,999, so 4825/8700 = .554.
  17. Thanks for the heads up. :) I see what happened, I accidentally omitted the Level column in the spreadsheet and the program didn't know what to do about that. I've corrected it and will push another update in a second.
  18. Looks like you fixed the column issue, but you still have Jake's, mine, and Koryan's at level 29 plus the extra lines, and all 3 should be level 28 plus the extra lines. The extra lines are correct, just should be level 28 instead of 29.
  19. Yep, just another little omission. Fixed now, things should be good to go. Thanks!
  20. Looking good Alex, great job.

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