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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Thanks David! Hope to meet you someday. Your accomplishments are incredible.
  2. Are you going to the CTWC This year?
  3. Thanks for the reply, amazing job, very exciting!
  4. Atta boy Frank! Well done buddy! Congrats from J&K
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  5. C'mon guys, bring it in. I believe we have a new score to the table :)
  6. t2k


    Is this what you're looking for? =)

  7. Yes! And a nice drought shortly after it. A very nice watch :)
  8. finally!!
  9. Great job Trey, what an accomplishment!
  10. Gosh dangit to heck!

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  11. sooooo close to 900k
    you will do it in no time
  12. Awesome Trey! I think you're tallest maxer now.

    Nice Aaron C as well!
  13. Thanks Terry and Chad. Enjoyed watching you guys play at the championships as it streamed live on Hitbox. I feel like I have gotten better lately on lvl 19 speed, hopefully I can hit that 900k level soon.
  14. [​IMG]

    I'll settle for last place. Gotta start somewhere yo. Level 9 start.
    But before this I had a ~300k score which was the first time that I started on 18 and survived it until 19 kicked in. :)
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  15. we all started at the same point... 000,000. no need to settle for last place long. keep playing and you will get there. congrats on your new high score!
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  16. Happy Holidays to everyone. After I scored that 898k in early November, I played a LOT for the next couple of weeks to try to finally get that 900k+ score. I obviously failed miserably, so around Thanksgiving I decided to take a few weeks off of playing. It seems that the time off did me good because last week I scored 800k+ four times including twice in one day. Unfortunately one of the scores was another 898k, and I was too busy with holiday stuff (and ashamed, lol) to post it. After another 3 days off I came back from out of town and BAM, I finally scored over 900k! I wanted to go for it at the end, but didn't want to suffer the same fate as before, so I took the easy way out the last few lines. Now that the pressure is off, I should be able to (as Harry likes to say) "Go for the Gold!" My transition was weak at 521k. I don't know why, but it seems like every time I get a 550-600k transition I end up topping out soon after. I guess I am putting too much pressure on the situation and not relaxed enough to play well. I welcome any thoughts or comments on my play, thanks!

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  17. This game happened a few hours after the last one I posted. I dont even know what to say...

  18. when you're hot you're hot! well played, and welcome to the club baby!
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  19. Great game man! 23rd member of the Maxout Club. next goal 19 max???
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  20. Thanks T, feels good to say the least! Unexpected, but I have been grueling it out for about 14 months now.

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