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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. man i kinda miss those days actually! now that all i play is 19 i am used to getting my ass kicked, but it felt nice to kick 18s ass back in the day. keep em coming man! you're so close!
  2. Thanks David, I appreciate your confidence. It took me several months to break out of the 700s, so I dont know how quickly further progress will come.
  3. Hehe, please post more 19 videos so I can watch them and get better ASAP!
  4. Uhh... am I posting this picture to the right thread?

    I dug up this photo from 2007 and thought I'd share. I know it's old, but it represents my absolute proudest Tetris moment: the first and ONLY time I ever reached Level 28. Since I started on Level 9, the score isn't too impressive (and it's not the highest score I've ever had, although I don't have proof of anything higher), but I definitely felt like making it to Level 28 was one of my most noteworthy achievements. I somehow managed to stay alive by clearing singles and doubles -- which also contributed to the low score -- and I have no memory of attempting to incorporate any kind of strategy other than simply trying to survive. This game was the most gut-wrenching, butt-clenching, "my heart is beating so fast it might literally explode" kind of game (you know what I'm talking about) and I haven't been able to replicate it since. I'm hoping one day I can get there again, sans crippling anxiety. (And maybe a higher score?)

    You guys definitely inspire me to keep trying. :)

  5. Hi Beth! Good to see you on the board - and good to meet you in Dallas as well. Keep up the great work - looking forward to seeing the progression and will see you Portland!

    Also congrats AaronC on the high score. The max isn't far off!
  6. Yes! I really enjoyed this past weekend. So great to meet all of you. If I make it to Portland, it'll be nice to already know a few friendly faces. :)
  7. Here's my highest score I got on video. Level 18 start, 706637, level 27 ending with 20 piece long bar drought. Low transition (450k), but I stuck it out in the higher levels. This video was from last March, and I just plateaued around the 700k mark, with 723k being my highest yet.
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  8. Screeches from the silence. 847k.

    After this, no game of mine will be acceptable until I max out. See you when that happens.

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  9. New personal best 969k! This time on a real NES console :)

  10. well played sir! playing on a real console helps sooo much.
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  11. Thanks Chad, been practicing level 19 a lot lately, not improving much yet
    Impressive game! Way to stick with it after the transition and good job ending with a bang.
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  12. svavar maxed out baby! congrats to him! video coming soon!
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  14. Amazing job, and way to stay cool near the end with a couple of misdrops. Congrats!!
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  15. Not much going on in this thread, so I figured I would post this. About a week or so ago, I got over 850k for the second time. This is my second highest score.

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  16. I've been going through my old, old notebooks, sort of reminiscing and what not. And look what I found! This is the list of "max-out" guys from the old Tetris messageboard from the Tetris Taxonomy ( A quick google search shows that David commented on the Thor max-out video on youtube and claims to have maxed.
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  17. wonder if any of them still play...
  18. put this down today ..not sure about the exact line count , but its on level 25....

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  19. NO WAY! i never thought i would be beat! you fucking rock dude. well played, and can't wait to see you this year.

    PS you can't stay at my house anymore. find your own lodging. ;)

    PPS that is around 197! sheeeeeeesh
  20. i was pissed when you got an earlier 19 max....had to get was about a 657 transition.....hopefully this stands for a while.......

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