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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Awesome!! Would be nice to see a new leaderboard for scores over 999,999. The true high scores! :)
  2. Well done, Tom! Keep the scores coming! Getting that first kill screen is super satisfying. You'll love it. :D

    You do some great side projects for our NEStris/SNEStris community, Josh. Thanks for all of your work!
  3. well done cuz. keep it coming. remember your goal...
  4. Just set a new personal best.

    653,075 ending on level 19
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  5. Just set a new personal best.

    653,075 ending on level 19
  6. great score lew! practice some 19 and you can max that transition score easily!
  7. So close to 800k! But I'll take it ;)

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  8. Posted the video because it has some silly moments :p

  9. first of all congrats. second, you may see some improvements in your score if YOU DIDN'T PLAY IN A FUCKING DUNGEON. either way, well done.
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  10. I don't know if this deserves/needs a separate thread, so just dropping in here for now.

    A couple weeks ago I pieced together a maxout timeline (for date of first maxout starting sub-19 and 19) just out of curiosity. I don't have complete info. Some of you may know more. The ones in italics (Thor and Jonas) are the ones I had to make a guess on based on limited info. This also is relying on the honor system for some of the dates too - but it's a system I think we all more or less agree with. Let me know of any data here that you have better info on (especially if you are Thor or Jonas!).

    Player---- Sub 19----- Level 19
    Thor------ 1/1/1990--- 7/24/2010
    Jonas----- 1/1/2003--- 4/4/2007
    Harry----- 4/19/2009-- 2/15/2011
    Buco------ 1/2/2012
    Alex------ 5/17/2012
    Eli------- 9/25/2012
    Ben------- 10/7/2012
    Quaid----- 1/22/2013-- 6/1/2013
    Louie----- 3/29/2013
    David----- 6/27/2013
    Chad------ 8/10/2013
    Bo-------- 8/29/2013
    Josh------ 12/2/2013
    Terry----- 1/29/2014-- 9/1/2014
    Jake------ 7/28/2014
    Chris----- 9/16/2014
    Jani------ 11/2/2014
    Dana------ 12/1/2014
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  11. i love this list (even if it ranks me so low)!

    my dates are, 1/29/14, and 19) is correct. i am also curious too see if jonas or thor update their dates... :)
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  12. Thanks - updated.

    I also dug up the date of Jonas's first level 19 - it was in a youtube conversation.

    It just occurred to me one day that I wasn't sure when a few people did it first in relative to others, and thought it would be interesting to see how long between each one and what time of year too. The thing I am most curious about of all is who is missing on this list - I feel like Scott Anderson should be on here too, for example... supposedly he did it way before Jonas (trying to find out).
  13. Another new personal best.

    686,596 on level 21

    I'm closing in on 700,000.
  14. The timeline is great! I think it deserves it's own thread. Would be nice to be able to check out that list easily.
  15. Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, but are we allowed to post any PBs we have on this thread, or do the scores have to exceed a certain amount? Also, do they have to be played on level 9 or 19 only, or can we start with whatever we're comfortable with?

    My scores are too embarrassingly bad to post anyway, but I would like to know for future reference. :D Thanks!

    Oh, and one more thing. Sorry if this is getting a little off-topic, but I just want to make sure. If I do eventually start getting to, say, level 29 or something, will there be any problems with me playing the game on an emulator as opposed to going all the way with an actual NES and a CRT TV and everything? I mean, aside from the fact that I wouldn't be getting any practice with a real controller. :p

    I think I actually do have a random CRT just lying around, so that's pretty convenient, haha.
  16. Any PB from any starting level is accepted. :) There is a separate Level 19 thread, but if someone's PB happens to be set on Level 19 then it'll just be listed in both threads, haha.

    Emulator or clones systems are also accepted and marked as such for the purpose of this thread. A real/clone NES + CRT will be the most responsive, so that's really what you'll want in the long run. I've heard the homebrew emulator for Wii is also pretty good. All the emulators I've tried on PC unfortunately add some amount of delay, presumably by nature of how their graphics code is written.
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  17. Also, as with the PAL thread, I've updated the scoreboard! Sorry for the long wait since the last push!
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  18. My personal best on NES tetris as of now, 870,240 played on emulator:

  19. great game svavar! keep em coming man. you need to get a console though so you can come to portland for the championships!!
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  20. Okay, thank you! :D Hopefully I'll have a halfway-decent score I can post up sometime soon. I have a long way to go before I'll really need to start practicing on an actual NES, but I should also probably check whether or not this TV actually works, just in case I get my hopes up for nothing. :p It has been just sitting here for years.

    (Oh yeah, semi-sorta-unrelated, but I tried contacting you via this forum (since it seemed like the most convenient way) and couldn't. Wasn't sure if it was because PMs weren't working, or if it was because my account is too new, or if it was because you had them turned off. Whichever one of those things it happened to be... wouldn't let me message ya, haha.)

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