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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. @alex- thanks for the kind words BTW! i believe the transition was 690 something... could be wrong. i will post the rest of the video soon. i have been postiing shorter ones lately because my computer takes FOREVER to edit my videos down from 1-3 hours to the single games i usually post. i am saving a lot of time this way. i used to post whole sessions but that also takes forever to upload to youtube...

    @davidv- no way best game ever! it could have been even better if i hadnt fucked up so bad because i was nervus on 24 when i saw the score and misdropped a Z/S piece! plus, thors level 30 ame is pretty hard to surpass...O_O
  2. Well this is pretty high on the list.....19 lvl 30 is probably unbeatable. But the essence of the game of tetris is to tetris and this game does it at a faster pace and at a level of efficiency that is gonna be really hard to top....
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  3. I have a Retron Duo (2-in-1 NES/SNES clone), but I find playing Tetris on it to be frustrating. I started out and honed my skills on the keyboard using my right fingers for left-right movement, and since my left thumb is much slower I can't play at the same speed on the actual console. It's frustrating knowing exactly what you want to do -and knowing you can do it on a different system- but being unable to move your thumb fast enough to do it. It's like one of those bad dreams where you're trying to run from something but you can't move.

    Anyway, I practice with the console/controller when I have the patience for it (usually starting on lvl 9 or 15, and have gotten up to around 250k or 300k), but I prefer the keyboard.

    ps. Amazing game, wasmachstdugern!!
  4. Ah, I see. Yeah, it's preferable not to tap unless you have Thor's Thumbs. Instead, most players just use the game's built-in move speed (sustainable at 10 times a second when momentum is kept preserved between pieces).
  5. I didn't know if people actually used that. I never quite got the hang of starting to hold the direction on the previous piece.

    Also, new pb:

  6. Yeah, it's pretty crucial -- not many players get by on tapping alone. The piece lockdown thud or line clear sounds can act as helpful cues for timing the direction switch.
  7. well done david! creepin up there still... that one will be close though methinks...
  8. christopher brady gone and done did it! yeeeehaw! 999,999! congrats baby! you may have breathed some new life into this thread/community!

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  9. wonderful work. I think this is the first new max-out out since Jake who was himself the first in a very long time so this duet of maxes represents the fastest pace of maxes in a long time.
  10. Thanks Ben. And Congrats Chris! So pumped for you brother. Well done again.
  11. hell yeah! that puts you in a tie with jani (but i think his was PAL)!

    i am not sure why nobody noticed this- it is awesomesauce.
  12. Yeah, not sure why I didn't notice this, I actually thought it was gonna happen while watching the video. And with a well on the right!
  13. Looking at the competitors from this year's CTWC, there's at least a few folks not on the board here who are capable of a max:

    Jeff Moore (I believe he said he had gotten ~973k? - I mentioned to him that he should check out this forum)

    Matt Schoolmaster (The guy who beat me 1st round - I believe he said he had gotten ~890k 15 years ago. I forgot to mention this board to him.)

    Robin Mihara (PB of ~840k? set at CTWC last year)

    Probably a few others from this year's tourney...
  14. agreed. i am gonna send this link to matt and his pal, and will try to get a hold of jeff moore. did anyone hear where he was from?

    robn is already on the board (tetrismattress).
  15. Muf


    When you invite Robin over to this forum, just be sure that he never enters his last name in the forum search box... :p
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  16. Jeff said he was from Vegas. He said he would try to get his female significant other (Kim, I believe) playing too (she seemed very neutral to the idea).
  17. First and foremost, my first world championship was an awesome experience. I really hope to get the opportunity for a return next year.

    And tonight, I finally (after a LONG time) get to report a new score increase. I move into the 900 club with a 901,341. The absolute worst part about this score is the line count. It was only 190. A whopping 40 lines to go, and I blew it.

    I'll get a video up later.
  18. Frank! Way to go, man!!! Super happy for you. I'm coming back to the game after taking another couple months off for rest, recovery, and reflection. I just broke 600k from a 19 start yesterday. Maybe we're both ready to close this thing out and get to maxin', eh?!? :)

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