Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Not sure if this moves me up or not???

    And yes anything over 600k is very hard to gotta be gettin long uninterrupted tetris runs....50+ lines....@18 speed is still difficult. ..
  2. That's going to be pretty damn close the the same, I think it may slightly beat it though (not doing any math here). Great game!
  3. Thank you Bo! Kristen has her cross hairs on a max next.
  4. I did some maths ;) 213.505

    God I really need to start playing again STAT!
  5. So is it better than 27+ 2.78....???
  6. worse but only slightly and certainly epic. its 27 + 3.505 lines
  7. Thanks ben m.
  8. in other words "thanks ben for doing to the math (i didn't move up but it was still worth it)."

    also, well done man!
  9. 717k Transition
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  10. That transition score is filthy. Well done DV!!!

    I'm going to make a run at it next.
  11. this may not be as impressive as david 700k but i got a 639k "transition" on 19 today... and then blew it.
  12. Damn..That's a crazy 19 tranny!! You're knocking on the door......
    And thanks jake.!! that you've got 1 max under your belt I predict you'll add a few more soon....
  13. Today I got my first good game (828k) tetrising in the left! I might switch!
  14. Sweet....we need more left-siders! Great score btw.
  15. nah... everyone knows you can't max left siding...

    oh, wait...
  16. Creeping up through the 600k. Really need to improve my lvl 19+ skills if I'm going to get much higher than this. Think I only got 2 tetrises after the transition.

    Nestopia emulator, keyboard.

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  17. well done sir! do you own an actual NES to play on?
  18. please tell me this gets me there.... i maxed at 201 lines but need math verification help. thanks!
  19. Hell yeah it does! Sub-200 line max-out after adjustment, taking first on the board. Congrats!

    EDIT: Do you have the rest of that video too? Because that's got to be the fastest time on top of the most efficient line count of the recordings we have available.
  20. One word


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