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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. New PB, started level 8 hit level 17, crumbled when I should have cracked 500k with this run. Pretty happy though.

  2. well done spencer! keep 'em coming! see if you cant get some games on video so we can take a looksy!
  3. I did it! I finally broke 600k! :) I've been at it for hours, it's 3am, I got those high score shakes. Man, it was crazy, I was at like 585 when I hit lv 19, and it was a struggle after that, I wasn't even getting good pieces, but managed at least 1 tetris at lv 21, straight down the center, it was magnificent. I had stopped looking at the score, but I knew I was past 600 and just tried to keep going. I don't know anything else that gets my heart pumping that fast and I went skydiving the other week. Thanks again for all the advice here. Onwards to 700k!

    Journeymansf/Matt S 622444 lv 22 NES 9

  4. Haha, good for you :D Congrats!
  5. Creeping up through 600K with a new pb. Nestopia emulator, keyboard, starting on level 18. Didn't grab a screenshot quick enough and I can't remember how many lines. Topped out on level 22 though.

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  6. 938k! The final Tetris is somehow tragicomical...
    (222 lines, level 18 start, emulator) I forgot the audio this time.
  7. wow simba! tat is one huge leap! well played.

    i, too, loved that last little tetris...:p
  8. Wow... Simba... Just wow!!!

    That is a huge leap. I will now add you to my own mental list of the greats such that when people ask who the best are, and I rattle off names, yours cannot be forgotten :)

    This also now means we have at least 2 European players on this phantom list of the greats, and that number is sure to grow! Now we need some swell folks from Asia to join the ranks :)
  9. I'm really glad to be part of this community, thanks for all your support guys :D
    (and Ben, it's an honor XD)
    When I first saw my first competitive-Tetris video I would never thought to get this far. You're all nice people and I hope I can make it to the CTWC one year, so you can crush me personally XD Even if I just spent most of my money for the German Championship, who knows.
  10. Still don't have any new 2014 entrants into the max club. Simba...?
  11. Who knows :biggrin: Maybe me or Jake? We are so close now on the leaderboards.

    Today I blew up my first BIG transition, so I wanted to ask you if I calculated its value correctly.
    I had 127 lines and scored a Tetris. After that my score was 675.831, so I thought to remove from it 24.000, and add 3/4 of 22.800... and I got 668.931. Is this the common way you calculate transitions?
    In this old post (link) there is an old list of the best transitions... for example, David's one from his maxout number 2 should be added I think?... have you scored others? :)
  12. That's a HUGE transition for sure. I think the only incorrectness is that you do get the points from the level you end up on. So you can give yourself 3/4's of 24000 instead of 3/4's of 22800 which makes it slightly higher even :)
  13. Thank you Ben :) So here there are some update of your old post

    David: 682,253
    Bo: 676,452
    Alex: 674,380
    Mattia: 669,831
    Terry: 665,062
    Jake: 664,989
    Ben M: 658,364
    Louie: 647,561

    Do we have something more recent? I updated David from here and added Jake from here... Give it a check if you want :)
    I have my proof but I'll wait some time to see if I can get better, I'm in a good 18 mood today!
  14. my money is on jake (sorry simba!), although now that he is planning a wedding and all he may not have the time to do it. his wife to be may be the first female to max as well!

    simba- do you play with a controller or keyboard?
  15. Congratulations Simba on a fantastic score! There are so many talented players worldwide it's incredible.

    Today, I finally earned my max-out. :):):):) I have been working towards this achievement for 1.5 years. The CTWC in Portland was a defining moment in my max-out quest. The Classic Tetris community is a very special one indeed!

    Anyway - game specifics... I believe I transitioned around 625k and was sitting at 875k by LVL 26. Got a bad sequence of pieces and was forced to clean up and burn about 10-11 lines. Suddenly, I remember peeking at the score and I had 970k at 226 lines on LVL 28 with my stack set up for a tetris but dangerously high. I HAD to get a long bar in the next 3-4 pieces to MAX. I got a Z and a T and O which i chucked to the Left wall then the glorious Long bar came and it was all over. 999,999 and a bunch of screaming ensued....

    Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

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  16. I've had a 699 transition. Would have been 700+ but thought I had it figured right so I could burn a line to set up a tetris to hit the 700+ right at 129 and pause and take a picture. When it showed up at 699,xxx I flipped out, obviously forgetting I was going to get a screen shot and then proceeded to blow the game and not even max out. My best 18 game, worst Tetris moment.
  17. This is a nice timing, Jake :) Congratulations!

    @Terry it seems you were right!!
    I use an NES controller.
  18. David, I believe you just need to take the one line out (who knows if you got 5-10 drop down points). And I'm pretty sure you get level 19 Tetris points, so 1200*20/4 gives you 6000 for a 687k transition.

    These transitions we've gotten, which we really don't think much about, are pretty damn remarkable if you were to think about what it takes to get there. Put up 500k in your first hundred lines and the oh, you just have to play a little bit better yet to get to 700k befor 130.
  19. Great job, Jake. You've joined the list of immortals (in our own minds)!

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