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    Midwest Gaming Classic sounds fun. Where can I get info about it? I currently live in Cameron, Missouri. That's about 2.5 to 3 hrs away from Omaha. I am actually getting up early tomorrow to go see it at noon, so I will let you know what I think. Omaha is my city of origin, as I was born there and lived there until I was 10, but I claim Falls City, NE as my hometown.

    Yeah, I don't blame you about the max, I know I would prob never pick up the controller again if I were to ever get that far (except for competitions maybe). I actually thought I was going to quit after 700k, but then I felt so close to 800k that it started all over again.

    So, I just looked up the Midwest Gaming Classic! It's just two weeks away! Oh man, it looks fun! I have always wanted to be in a real Tetris Tournament! I will be there!
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    750011 @ Lv28 + 0 lines

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    a new PR! well played.
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    I scored a new PR at MGC. Also won the A-Type Tournament with that same score:


    I believe it was 291 lines, but I need someone else to confirm maybe. Started on Level 8 (rules of the game).

    Ben, that was a really good idea!

    (well, it worked out well for me at least):sneaky:
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    Entered in as 29+1.00 for the time being. Congratulations! :D
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    What is the problem with your NES ? What is this huge hole on the front gate ?
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    Battle damage. In anger and frustration, I launched my controller at the console and and it broke the gate. Come to think of it, that my be why my top-loader crapped out on me :\
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    Are those other scores on the screen also yours, or was the competition that strong?
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    That's the competition. From what I've been told, Joshua actually pulled that score off on his first go! :o The other scores likely belong to Ben or Frank.
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    The competition was indeed quite strong.

    #2 was Mike "Wiz" 's best
    #3 was Ben--but he ended up with a 675 or somewhere in there.

    I did indeed play only once :D

    Some other notes:

    I don't know what Mike's other high scores were, but the 684 was his best, and I watched him play three consecutive games with transition scores above 500k. He is seriously good. He went on to win the official Midwest Tetris Championship, which was SNES vs. mode in an elimination tournament.

    I watched Ben score a slew of games in the 600's. I think he got in the 600's in just about every game he played.

    Frank put up several 400s if I recall correctly.

    Qualifying for the SNES elimination tournament was ten highest scores playing B-Type 5-5. Ben scored 42k and some change on his first attempt which landed him the #1 seed. Mike also got a 42k for #2. Don't know the other scores, but I was at #5 with a 33k. John scored a 48k unofficially but ended up with a score good enough for #3. Frank was #4. There were several other good scores from various different people.

    So that was definitely a talent-laden competition. Lots of fun hanging out with everyone and meeting so many skilled players.
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    Wow. Yeah, that is some fierce competition.
    And congrats on your score!

    I've got myself a legitimate Nintendo now and am trying a lot of 19 so I can improve my late game, which I think is where I'm lacking.
    Hopefully I can do something soon that would be able to appear on that screen. ;)
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      16--Cheston------------ 626,719 - 19+7.00 - NES (9)
    The first 96 lines were Tetrises. I really wish they let the good times last for just one more Tetris so it could be an even hundred.

    Watch me promptly screw everything up as soon as 19 hits, which is what I do:

    Any helpful tips are welcome.
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    If you start on Level 19, how do you do? Have you tried "going low" starting at around 30 lines before 19?

    Speaking as a person who spent seven years not being able to get past the mid-600's (622363 on 8/01/05 first 600k; 717978 on 2/05/12 first 700k) and then got six more 700k+ in two months, I strongly recommed some intense B-type training. This may not be a very popular method, but it worked very well for me. I played a lot of 15-5, 18-4 and 19-2. That gave me a heavy dose of different speeds at maximum survivable difficulty. Move back and forth between those settings. It sort of conditions your brain to switch from one way of thinking to another.

    I think what the ideal way of thinking (and why max-out caliber players often suggest playing only 19 for practice) is that 19 should become considered the "normal" speed, and all lower levels considered "slow" speeds.

    And go here to check out lots of useful info and get tips and advice. Ben's blog was sort of the launching pad for my recent growth spurt in Tetris gameplay.

    Oh yeah, and awesome job, by the way! That's a heck of a score :D (I am "bigstupidsuck" on youtube btw...terrible name, I know)
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    Thanks, Joshua! :)

    Yeah, I've already been doing some practice starting on 19.
    It has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to equal the amount I've played from 9. I think I do 9 so often because I usually play Tetris to unwind (when I get home from work, etc.).

    My current high from 19 is 166,000 (in 64 lines).
    I did 99 lines once, but that was mostly eliminating single lines at the bottom to see how long I could last. I forget the score, because that was years ago.
    Unfortunately, my average game from 19 still doesn't even yield a rocket.
    Maybe one in every 5 games does...?

    I'll try that B-type approach. It sounds like good practice!
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    As for "going low," if I understand it right, I do that to some degree.
    I've found in 19 that if my right edge (in a right-side Tetris build) gets above 5 blocks, there's a distinct chance the long piece won't make it over in time... so I try to "compromise" once it gets around there. I consider a move a compromise if it's done to stay alive, not optimize points.

    I used to do this thing where I'd switch to a middle build around Level 16, because in theory having the hole in the middle makes it easier to compromise.
    I'm not sure that was worth it, though.
    You can see in the video that I didn't do that here. I reached 19 before moving the hole. The 166k was done with a right build, too, and the videos I've watched of maxes seem to keep it on the right, so I'll probably stick with that for now.
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    an inspired performance despite the unfortunate end! and now you're in 7th place!
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    Yeah! Congratulations! :)
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    dear tetris friends, especially those of the NES variety: So begins a one week whirlwind tetris challenge: Complete a B mode level 18-5... high score wins, proof must be submitted by midnight 5/8/12 (using your own timezone) proof can be a pic if it clearly shows that it was a level 18-5 by its victory thing (nasa ships i think). Good luck if you even want to try :) inspired by this video:

    warning: 18-5's while doable, are not for the faint of heart ;)

    oh yeah, also... if you get any "deep digs", post that stuff too. It wont count for the win but i assume we all find that impressive as well :)
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    This is really hard!
    I'm able to play 3-line games regularly enough, I've had three 4-line games, and one 7-line game.

    That's probably the best I'm going to do.

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