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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. New PR!
    Been busy and haven't been playing much, but this is the spark I needed!
    545k Lv18 start 150 lines, first time to level 21!

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  2. well done cuz! you'll be knocking on 600k in no time...
  3. Max #4 today. At 220 lines I had 977k and some change, and then scored a Tetris. My earliest max-out yet!


    I also would like to add that the very next game (I mean, you ALWAYS have to go for a back-to-back, right?) started out with a 37 piece drought.
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  4. @Ben - a few thoughts on your "rusty" post....

    To me, it's momentarily losing focus or allowing outside distractions to interfere with a good game. Things like careless misdrops or overshooting my target and then failing to recover. Some games are brutal and turn out to be organized chaos with a 800k+ score. Others feature near perfect piece sequences (catching the long bar exactly when you need it) and then an implosion.

    Provided I'm not playing exhausted, I try to eradicate the rust after 5-10 games and if i can't I shut it down and try again another day.

    @Josh - nice job on your 4th max! Impressive work bro.
  5. I wanted to chime in on the rustiness business, too. This is in reference to a nice long month or two or three break. The two minor playing issues that nag me are over-shooting the target column, and pressing the D-pad before lockdown (<--that's the worst!). The most notable difference for me, I believe, is my style of play. I tend to play riskier and stupider; I will "try out" putting pieces in different places than my first instinct...just because. As I play more and more, my placement selection "simplifies" and actually seems pretty bland and boring to me--but efficient. It is actually kind of weird to think that the more bland my playing style is, the more exciting the game is.
  6. Re: [NES] A-Type Level 19

    I think this is a new level 18 record for me: 376,911 points

    I'm still a bit rusty, having not played NEStris for a while. That said, I think playing other versions of Tetris have definitely improved my NES game.

    On an emulator because I was too lazy to plug in my NES:


    Edit: I just saw my signature, so this is not my highest lvl 18. I'm rustier than I thought!

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  7. My first 800k game! 842.859, 29 + 5, level 13 start.
  8. Whoa!


    It seems like 800k is about the last happiness a tetris player has, then comes the constant, horrifying pain of the run up to maxing out. And at this point, you WILL make it!

    Well, maxing will cause happiness too, also 900. But 900 will just annoy you more that anything. Great work.
  9. Thank you Ben for the support, much appreciated!
    Now I need to train myself to avoid early 18 top-outs, and then if all goes well (enough money spared, etcetera) I may join you in a next competition. I need to put my hands on a real NES to make sure I'm not playing on an easier emulated version :) And I need some kind of test for the SNES vs too, which I like even more than NES A-type.
  10. well done simba! get your hands on an NES so you can start rocking face!
  11. Hey guys, I just wanted to post something in this thread so here is a screenshot of score of 647,786 starting on level 18, no need to put me on any leaderboard or anything, I know you guys are not fond of Emulators, gonna get a NES when I can, cheers.

  12. Firstly, great game !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Secondly; actually most of us are perfectly happy with emulation. It has been shown to be just about exactly the same. The only slight differences that do exist are only for strange things in the game that don't really get used.
  13. it's good to see new players getting involved and old members improving. keep it up, guys!

    Here is the highest score I have recorded, it's a score of 618,817 starting on level 18, the video is a bit laggy, don't know why that is but I'm gonna look into it for further videos, some advice or any comment on my play to help me improve would be appreciated, cheers!
  15. Nice work Jonatan, and on keyboard! I'm playing on emulator too, but I'm using an USB adapter for the original NES controller, you could try that too if you can't (or don't want to) switch to a real console.
    Nice tucks on the 18 :)

    And thanks again to the others for the feedback!
  16. Got an idea. It's golf.

    Golf generally follows this format: groups of nine holes which feature three Par 3's, three Par 4's and three Par 5's.

    So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying a game of "golf" for Tetris.

    Basically, it would be nine games of Tetris, three games at the highest speed setting, three games at an intermediate setting, and three games at an easier setting. And I have a really neat format for it:

    Hole 1: This Par 4 Hole starts you off right in the middle of things with a game on Level 18. (difficulty: moderate)

    Hole 2: This Par 3 hole lets you settle in the course with a game on Level 13 (difficulty: fair)

    Hole 3: This Par 5 hole is a monstrous challenge for anyone who can't hang on long on the faster levels. One game on Level 19. (difficulty: hard)


    (4: 14

    Total scores for all nine games. Highest total wins. Highest total reflects most efficient player, just like the lowest score in golf reflects the most efficient golfer.

    Alternative format: Levels 11 through 19 reflect holes 1 through 9
  17. Been 6 months since I've had anything to post, but I finally topped (barely) my old pb. Played on the Nestopia emulator using my keyboard. I picked up a console a little while ago and have been trying to make the switch, but my left thumb can't quite keep up with my brain just yet! Plus, on the keyboard I use left hand for rotation and right for translation, so it's a bit weird doing it the other way around on the controller.

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  18. New personal best for me: 493,584 starting on Lvl 18. (emulator - too lazy to hook up the NES)

    It's especially fun since I was having such a tough night of it. Lazy fingers for the first hour or so.


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  19. Got an NTSC cartridge a few days ago and just got a 484890 in a burn-rich game on 18, died coming into lv20. No photo (was planning to post from 600K onward) but I just couldn't resist joining in on the NTSC fun!

    btw: im trying to keep track of the differences I'm noticing between PAL and NTSC in gameplay. I'd say it's very different as the slower DAS means relearning piece placement on 19 and up, as you can't scroll sideways nearly as much as on PAL 16-18. Planning to post something on it in the near future!
  20. I have once again caught a serious case of cultris fever and have stopped my NES training, don't worry, I'll be in shape by tourney time. And maybe I'll even one day beat alex in cultris (unlikely).

    I just cant break 120 pieces/minute. grrrrrr

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