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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    it is probably just a towel but if you want it back let me know. :D

    i would love to see the lists of people's personal progress as they matured and became engrossed and overcome (OK maybe only a few of us became overcome) with the game. what kinds of possibilities were you alluding to? you have my interest!
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    Hey Stiban. :)
    It definitely looks like you can make 400~500k! If you can make it to Level 19 on top of the kind of score you have there, you're gold.

    For the time being, this particular leaderboard is currently for NTSC only -- due to the significant differences between the two versions, scores cannot be compared. However, I think we will start a separate thread for PAL scores. I'll make sure your score is added when that happens.

    @wasmachstdugern: Well, I don't want to get your hopes up since I haven't started messing around with any of it yet -- maybe I shouldn't have said anything until later! Haha.
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    One time I reached Level 19, but the score wasn´t good...

    I try again :)

    How can I play the NTSC-version in germany? Does the console work here in germany with my TV?
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    How funny would it be it Kitaru was talking about the towel.
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    Slightly later than my first....But I have TWO now! :biggrin:

    @Ben, that's funny shit, that bit with the towel!
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    My understanding is that most TVs these days do support 60hz/NTSC signal, yes. If you have an older TV or run into any problems, you can always get a PAL<->NTSC video converter. To power the console, you can use the adapter for your PAL NES.

    I know how important it is for a frood to know where their towel is, but no, it's not what I was talking about. ;)
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    i hate you josh. :p
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    Thanks for adding me to the leaderboard Kitaru! Based on my games since then, though, it might be a while before I've got an update :(
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    Most CRT TVs will sync to the 60Hz signal, but will display a black and white picture because they don't lock on to the 3.58MHz colour subcarrier. You can get a "PAL booster" which converts the signal to a 4.43MHz PAL subcarrier, but I own one and the picture is so bad you might as well keep looking at the greyscale image. A slightly more expensive alternative is the NESRGB which enables true RGB SCART output, and looks absolutely amazing.
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    OMFG! Look what Sisu dredged up!!!

    We got me, and deepdorp, and caffeine, and Dan Z! Maybe others?!

    Boom-shaka-laka, baby!
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    Nice game Bo! I think it will put you at 28 + 6.566 lines or so (if I'm correct in seeing 977,670 which i think i am). That will move you up right behind me and in 8th place.
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    Hey I thought you QUIT playing this game!? LOL

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    Alright, folks. Broke the 800k barrier. :D 808,090 @ 225 Lines. Onward and upward...
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    w00t! welld one man. once you break a barrier once the nerves calm down and it gets easiers to replicate- i foresee a slew of 800ks now sir! :D
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    Thanks, T! I started peeking at the score and my brain basically tunneled in on just getting 800 when I saw 790. :rolleyes: It feels good to break through, for sure. Now the nerves can reset for 900. O_O
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    This was exactly how I got my first 900k. Congrats and good luck on the continued strive for 999.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, Bo! It's nice to turn another corner. I had been racking up more and more high 600s and mid to low 700s, largely because I just knew what it felt like. Now that I got a "feel" for 800, I'm hoping to make it a more regular thing, too.
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    I said I would finally join and submit when I broke 400,000. So here it is.. Started from lvl 15 and even managed to get a few lines on 19.

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