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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    It's just...I mean, it's so...yes. A masterpiece. :)
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    Hi all, just discovered this forum. Pretty new to tetris; got interested after seeing Ecstasy of Order earlier this year. Played around with different online versions for a while, but made the switch to (emulated, w/ laptop keyboard) NES 4 or 5 months back. Been happy with my progress so far, and racked up a new personal best last night. Grabbed a screenshot but unfortunately didn't record it. Seems like that's ok for unofficial record keeping here though?

    Started on 18, btw.

    Anyway, I was pretty stoked to finally break the half-mil barrier, and glad I found somewhere to share it!

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    Nice entry, bananarchy! Welcome!

    Snagged myself a small improvement today. Since starting to go for highs again last weekend, I've actually reset my best twice. I'm feeling ok about that. :D

    722,988 @ 233 Lines
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    Thanks! Seems like a great forum (so great that I sunk most of my morning at work into perusing it), and I'm looking forward to tracking my progress here.

    I had previously only heard of the top dogs (Thor, Jonas, Harry, Ben, etc.) who already all had several max-outs under their belts, which was a bit discouraging for a new player. Refreshing to see so many other players here at various stages in the max-out quest, and neat to look back through this thread and follow players to their first MO.
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    Welcome bananarchy! that is indeed a great entry to the forum. And well play BDCOWE on yours as well.

    This is indeed a good place to find others as tetris crazed as they come, to vent frustration, to show acomplichment... to do it all :)

    Welcome to the group!
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    indeed welcome sir! cant wait to see you climb up the score board...

    like BDCowe! great game man! i am excited to hear you are still getting PRs on the regular. i am not...:( although i am getting a 900k every three or four days now so that's good!
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    a new PR for me: 991,661. i have no video though, the camera stopped about 40 lines in. you can add it to the board if you want but i understand if you dont. i am glad i didn't max actually because i want it on video!

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    oh yeah- level 29, 233 lines.
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    Wow, congrats!
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    You're getting hella close man =)
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    Scores updated. :) Welcome bananarchy and congrats on a nice, strong entry to the scoreboard, and congrats to the rest on their new records. :D (Keep at it, Terry -- it's close, I can feel it!)
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    nothing smells as nice in the morning as a freshly updated score list! ahhhhhh :)

    Also a question. I wish i would have taken screenshots of the list about every 6 months for the last as many years (i just took one today to start). Is there a way to know what it looked like in times past without painstakingly reconstructing everyones individual tetris life? I wonder if the wayback machine can help... im going to look.

    edit again, it on there, but only once (june 2013)
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    Oh nice! I wont ask kitaru to do all that screeshoting, but im just happy to know such a way exists at all :)
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    if ben wont ask i will- could we get a screen shot for every six months or so? i would be willing to reward you somehow kitaru. i had tried to do do this periodically but i only joined the group early in the year.

    PS did you or ben leave a blue towel at our house? it magically appeared at my house when you guys left.
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    a wise king would cut it into tetris peices and give each of us half. I dont remember leaving a towel but my memory is a bit like the SNES randomizer.
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    Maybe Kitaru can write a script that extracts all the different edit revisions, and processes them into score progress tables for each player. :awe:
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    I want to immortalize me too ;)

    I play the PAL version, after a few days this is my optimum.

    I always start at level 9, and I think up to 450k - 500k are possible with my skills :)

    Is there any other PAL players?

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    Haha yeah it's one of mine, I forgot to mention it. :p

    Anyway, I didn't know we had revision history! This opens up some interesting possibilities... :)

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