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      15--Cheston------------ 613,537 - 18+?.00 - FCT (9)
    I'm coming for you, Edo! :twisted:
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    The unknown line count is because I stupidly hit start too fast after finishing.
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    :o that is a phenomenal score for starting on Level 9 and being on Level 18 O_O

    Well done, Cheston. Very impressive.
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    That score is crazy. :D Do you think you were closer to 180 lines or 190 when the game ended? The thought that you could be starting Level 19 with ~650k is exciting, haha.
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    It was probably around 189, since I remember feeling like I was going to die at any moment when I hit 19 (my build was too high). It's interesting that Edo's score is almost exactly one Level 19 Tetris above mine, so we were on roughly the same trajectory.

    BUT, if I had played in a way that reached 19, I should have spent 18 reducing height instead of earning points, which means I'd be more than one Tetris away from that score.
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    My vintage NES A-type high score, circa 1995:

    636193 @ level 22

    I most likely started on level 15.
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    PAL NES tetris reaches 1G at level 19 instead of 29. However, it's BARELY survivable without TASing.

    So PAL scores are not directly comparable to NTSC scores at all.

    Overall, it's more difficult, but it can in theory be played forever with human reflexes, while it's damn near impossible to reach 30 on the normal version.
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    Hm yes, deepdorp could you confirm this was played on the NTSC/(U) version of the game? Reaching Level 22 seems to indicate normal Level 19 behavior rather than Euro19... and if not, holy crap man! 8D

    EDIT: Confirmed what I needed to using deepdorp's YouTube channel -- why'd you bring that up, Zaphod? :)
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    I want to play PAL Tetris. Sounds interesting. Is there a ROM available?
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    Yeah, there is a Tetris (E) floating around.
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    As for why i brought it up people were discussing PAL tetris earlier in the thread a bit. and i wanted to try and clear the air about it, and explain that scores between the two do not compare at all.
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    lemme get this striaght. So PAL tetris does not get faster at lvl 29? this would mean that it could be marathoned (in theory only of course, it looks REALLY difficult). But is that right?

    If thats the case it is indeed best to think of them as two entirely different tetris games, but now i wanna play PAL and see what i can do!
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    996,500 @ lvl 28 + 9 lines
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    pal reaches 1g speeds at level 19 instead of level 29(!)

    however, because of much faster DAS, and a slower framerate, it can be marathoned in theory. in practice it's very difficult, as you have barely enough wiggle room to stack and clear singles.

    AS you have found out, it's damn hard to get tetrises at that speed, making maxing out PAL tetris a serious endurance challenge instead of a race to do it before level 29.
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    Awesome! That's about as close as it gets.
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    thanks :)

    that same fact makes me super annoyed about it ;)

    heres the vid:

    i also had another odd occurance: the very next game was 983k those two will likley remain my best back to back till im dead.
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    Hay guise, wats goin on in dis thred :cow:

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    Alternate versions of the game are not acceptable for score submissions. ;)
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    Well I have been trying to log onto my Twin Galaxies account for an hour and finally got it, but now I can't access the site. I wanted to crow about going to go see Ecstacy of Order tomorrow in Omaha! My computer crashed and I am accessing the web via wii. So it may be some time before I can submit any new scores.

    Ben! Incredible score! Tough break. I bet once you max once, you will soon have twenty maxes on your list :D Leave it to you to knock Eli off and reclaim the non-max crown ;) Truly awesome score, though, quite a feat!
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    joshua... wait... you were in Omaha? hmmmm. Color me silly but for some reason i always assume all good tetris players live within 100 miles of the american west coast. You, apparently, do not!

    About my game... thanks, and yeah I'm about 3 parts pissed and 1 part proud ;)

    Do you know about the Midwest gaming Classic?, you wanna come, i am and i know a couple of regional tetrispeeps will be there. They have a tetris "competition" too (i puts quotes because there rules are odd enough for me to not really think its outcome matter, although the rules will be different this year) but i will be there... taking all comers hahahaha.

    Where do you actually live? and why did I assume San Fransico?

    P.S. TG has been down for good parts of the day.

    I think once i max i might only max once for a few reasons. 1) I have other tetris plans, sort of to spread out and conquer other classic varieties to the best of my ability 2) I want to live my life again, the non-tetris parts that is. Tetris dhould be a past time, not an obsession, and I'll be the first to say I've gone too far 3) I dont think I will ever play below level 19 again when i do play NES, making it harder :) But who knows... Harry H. swore off tetris only to come back too ;) What did you think of the movie?
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