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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    477k in 110 lines. my best ever.

    @boblaze- well fucking done sir. i watched that with my lady friend and even she was saying, "daaaaaaamn."
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    whoa, huge typo- 477k in 210 lines. no way i could do that in 110.
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    Amended. :p
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    505,740 @ 176 Lines. Maybe I should have seen this coming with all of the marginally impressive videos I've posted lately. :p
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    999,999 @ 229 lines. please add it to the board, alex!
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    i was wondering when someone would throw a max on the pile.
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    i thought the same, and then wondered if it was a list for non max scores or something.
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    I believe it was! Then Supa went and ruined it :p (jk)
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    As i recall there was a small difference between how this list and the regualr A type was tracked. For A type we activley hunted down good scores while for this you needed to post. Lokking back im not certain why this difference existed in the first place, we could proabably throw jonas and thor in there too really.
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    I didn't get why theirs weren't there when I first saw the thread. We have "non-proof" scores posted on the other thread, and theirs are recorded.

    I'd say add them.
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    Argh, I just lost a detailed post explaining how the threads diverged. Let me try this again. :p

    The way the main A-Type thread has been run is actually an atypical case for these forums. Historically, score threads were just a way to track community records and progress for those that wanted to participate.

    The Level 19 thread was originally started as a fun side thread to encourage players on the forum to try the game out. This was before the core NES community became particularly active; I believe there were fewer than five scores listed initially.

    As more NES players began joining and posting, it started to feel a bit silly that we had a Level 19 thread but not a general A-Type thread. At the time, Ben had a thread on the old Twin Galaxies forums that kept a record of some more up-to-date scores that hadn't been submitted or gone through the whole verification process. I echoed that in seeding the thread with some known scores, and it kind of snowballed from there. The main A-Type thread also ended up fulfilling the use case of a relatively comprehensive list of records during the time period between the old and new Twin Galaxies.

    Meanwhile, although we've been seeing increasingly serious efforts submitted over time, the Level 19 thread continued to feel like "the fun side thread" for quite a while. As such, I continued to run it as a normal TC thread. So, perhaps we've now reached a point where people see it as just as competitive as the general thread and would like it to be similarly comprehensive to boot.

    (As an aside, sorry for falling a bit behind on updates. I'll hook up my hard drive in a minute so I can grab the scoreboard tool and get the main thread updated. I'll get this one updated as well.)
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    I had a perfect clear start on level 19 last night, which I thought was all rare and interesting, and then I find that Buco already had 2 on his youtube channel (naturally).
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    Doesn't mean it isn't rare or interesting. :p Like that weird one I had with all of those lines pieces. What a strange game...
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    632,008, 232 lines and also my first level 19 kill screen where i was trying to tetris the whole time. sorry no video, only a pic. much thanks to robin for letting me know about the awesome 19-2 training method. it is working.

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    Do you have a game genie? I have a code that forces the pieces to drop at Level 19 speed. That would let you do a "19-2" on any level. I like that because sometimes Levels 25, 26 and 27 seem to give me trouble, so I can train on the *5, *6, and *7 levels with Height 2 and it makes me feel more confident when I see those color schemes. I also like to start on Level 00 in A mode and play as far as I can. Say I die on Level 05, so I start my next game on Level 05....I do that until I beat Level 09. It is just conditioning training, makes me feel more comfortable on all those other levels.
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    @joshtolles- i have been toying with the idea of buying one ever since i saw your code to get rid of the fucking rocket. this idea has finally pushed it over the edge. i will PM you for some codes. do you make your own? how does one make them?
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    @wasmachstdugern - Nicely done! You must record at all times!!! :D You are so on the verge, man...

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