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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    @David: No worries, understood. I've reverted the board for now -- sorry if I got a little overzealous with the updating. Up until the point of max-out, I consider this Level 19 board more of a "for fun" side challenge, so I wasn't too concerned with the lack of photo for a submission to this thread (especially given that you've already shown plenty of proof of high-class performances).
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    thanks alex.....
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    Small update, but it's both a new high for me and my first run online. :) 267,200 @ 126 lines.
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    Added. :) That's some beast scoring pace too -- highest known rate on the current board! :D
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    it seems that recently i can only hold my concentration for about 100 lines or so at a time....after that my brain shuts down and i sabotage myself, and make a dumb move or something......hopefully one day i can put 200 or so lines of great play so i can join the tetris hall of fame ..aka the max out club.......???
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    New high for me, 690610 - 210. Was on a better pace but from about 23 on, just couldn't get the right pieces at the right time.
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    some incredible things happening here lately!!

    me like!
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    Cool, getting back at it again Caith? :)
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    52000 in 13 lines.
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    71200 in 56 lines
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    gah, john needs to make his own dang account. But, in the mean time: John Byram 419200 @ 104 the pic is on my facebook account. I'll try to thow it on here soonesque
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    84800 in 66
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    I will second the motion for John making an account. I remember him bustin' out a really nice run with some killer saves during the MGC weekend.
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    105200 in 67
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    Nice! You should make some regular A-Type attempts soon. With a good transition chained into a game even half as good as that, you're a shoo-in for 600k or close to it. If you really knock the ball out of the park, I think you could make it 700k.

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