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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    3/11/2012: Joshua L. Tolles started on Level 19 and cleared 218 lines for a score of 424460
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    548671 @ 164

    I really wanted to have vid of whatever i said... its not my best, but it is pretty flashy lol.

    the flashy parts a joke because tetris' flash a lot ;) laugh some, enjoy life... I for instance am going to go sing some karaoke.
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    hey guys, i was just thinking... In NES Tetris there are really 3 records that are either officially or unofficially followed one that is sort of THE record and 2 minor ones: highest overall (tracked here) highest from level 19 (tracked here) and Highest transistion (not tracked anywhere on TC) should we just add that to this thread perhaps (knowing that now kitaru will be in the lead ;)
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    Daaaaang! :o Congrats!
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    Hopefully I'll have an update soon that tops these. Gotta happen sometime, right?

    For now, my highest score is 278,800, line count is unknown.
    However, my highest recorded score (hoping to post it tonight or tomorrow) is 266,xxx, and the lines for that one is 111. Once I post it, I'll know what to fill in for xxx.
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    I put the 278,800 in there for now.

    I also added Cheston's 19 score, which was posted in the main A-Type thread.
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    Level 29 and 600k in the same game! :D


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    Nice going Josh!

    And, here's my new high!

    90 Lines 327,200
    So relieving to finally get a new high score (my last high stuck for months).
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    Starting to track my level 19 progress...

    Got 419,702 starting on lv19 (194 lines)
    Incredibly, that's with a controller that has a mind of its own

    (I think I might just forget about level 18 entirely and try to max on 19 speed! This after realizing I've NEVER reached 29 starting on 19)
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    Got 499,802 in 217 lines starting on level 19

    (And this was at a friend's house last night, that's added pressure!)
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    Those are some sick scores! You've got some serious power going for you -- I'm excited to see what you might put down in A-Type, and a bit nervous to see how you perform in the tournament! :D
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    Thanks! However, I'm pretty sure I'll be more nervous at the tournament than you say about my potential performance... that will definitely be a factor.

    It's one thing to practice every night in my basement all relaxed, quite another to know it's all or nothing, go-time end of September :)
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    Wow, so that's in the first 140 lines then? Congrats, that's some strong score attacking!
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    Almost beat it tonight, scored a 430 for my second best 19 game. That 500 was a freakish game, actually was getting too many lines and they eventually dried out. I believe I had at least 20 more lines than any other piece. I really need to start taping my games. :facepalm:
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    Happy to say I broke 2 of my records with the same level 19 game.

    388,320 with 209 lines.

    My previous lines record was 183, and my previous level 19 high score was 327,200. Last night was an awesome night overall. Keeping in mind that I've only broken 300k twice before, within the first 20-25 minutes of playing, I had scored 288,000 (first game), then 292,800 a little later, and then my 388k.

    I tried a bunch of level 18 games, but didn't top my level 18 score yet (transition scores were good, but I died shortly after).
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    Not a new record, but last night I had another 300k game. The part that sticks out is the amount of lines it took.

    332,000 with 85 lines

    If I counted right, it was 12 tetrises and my piece ratio was fairly even across the board. I didn't really have any big droughts to contend with, so that was nice.

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