Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

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  1. Yeah they all look good - when I looked at it last week, those 3 had lower scores from a while back listed (eg. Joseph had 930k but video of 999,999) haha.
  2. DLo


    *first night playing on my new CRT*

    Name: DLo (aka real_diculous aka Dave Lopez)
    Score: 476,920 (Level 19 start to Level 22 and 162 lines)
    Date: 1/23/19
    Hardware: NES (standard controller)
    Game streamed live on Twitch and also available on YouTube: BCEAEC6D-7744-4246-844F-B3D9263E347D.jpeg
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  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to share this with you. A level 26 maxout at 206 lines. Hope you all enjoy!
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  4. Very nice! Is that a 300k speedrun WR? Kinda curious about that too :)
  5. He wasn't able to beat his record when he also got nothing but tetrises through 300k! He got "droughted" too much going into the final tetris, basically.
  6. Ah I see. @jdmfx_ by the way I noticed the video feed is interlaced, so you might want to apply some deinterlacing options to the game feed. This way, every paused frame should give a clear image instead of a mash of two frames
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  8. DLo


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  9. Name: DanQZ
    Score: 999999 (lvl 19 start, 28 max)
    Date: September 8, 2019
    Hardware: RetroN HD (NES clone console)
    Country: USA

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  10. Finally broke 500k.
    578,580 with 231 lines
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  11. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 510.920 points (level 19 start, 154 lines, level 21 finish)
    Points per line: 3318
    Date: 01.01.2020
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES-like USB controller

    A new personal record for the game from level 19. Pretty good pace. ;)

    new pb.png
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  12. Second Time over 500k.

    Its been such a wild ride trying to learn 19.

    I feel like a 600k-700k is coming soon.

    That 200k wall I had hit has been absolutely demolished. I put them up every time I play.


    Raul Addams
    19 start - 5 lines into level 28 Finish
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  13. Name: Nenu
    Location: Indonesia
    Score: 1,167,549 points (214.59 lines max if i count correctly)
    Date: 21/08/19
    Hardware: Emulator (RetroArch)

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  14. DLo


    Name: DLo (aka its_dlo)
    Score: 797,480 (L19 start to L29 and 233 lines)
    Date: 1/25/20
    Hardware: NES (w/standard NES controller)
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  15. For the first time over 400k in the first 100 lines from level 19:

    max out pace.png

    Damn, I'm so ready to max out! ;)
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  16. An even 260,000 from a couple months back

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