Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. My first 900K+ score on Level 19 Start. Within a year, I’ll hopefully be back to post a Level 19 Maxout.

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  2. New PB 954,440. Third time over 900k

    Sorry for lack of video. I have ordered a new vcr to replace my bad one. Looking forward to recording a max!

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  3. get it done already :)
    JK great job. you are gonna get there soon, sir.
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  4. My first Level 19 Maxout, final score is 1,001,460 at 232 Lines.

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  5. Close game!

    (997240, 234 lines)
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  6. Yes now I am a member of Level 19 Max Club (sorry for double-post)

    (221 lines)
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  7. 163,200
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  8. Level 19 PB - 194,436

    Level 19 Line PB - 117
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  9. Just a small bump to my score PB, 199992 (still hunting that 200k) and a HUGE bump to my line PB at 166. This was my first time transitioning from a 19 start. Super Pleased.
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  10. Leaderboard updated, but sorting bug as of yet unfixed. I'll see if I can set aside time for it soon.
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  11. This felt amazing!

    An increase of 200,001
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  12. Same story, different thread. Started learning NES via hypertapping on Goofy Foot about a week ago. After a fair bit of rotation dyslexia, I started getting the hang of it. First I got one lvl 19 Tetris. Then I got two in one game. Today I got three for a meager score of 74,400. That puts me just about at the bottom of the ladder here, too, with plenty of room to climb.
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  13. As someone around here once said, the bottom of the list around these parts denotes some skill! Grind grind grind! And good luck!
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  14. Of that I had no doubt! :D
  15. Hmm... The leaderboard in this thread seems to be loading the one for level 18 starts now? Is that just me? I tried loading it in two different browsers. I hope it didn't get overwritten permanently! That would be a pain to reconstruct.
  16. Oh no, that can't be good. Same here. @Kitaru We may have an issue here.

    Gonna reach out through discord too.
  17. No worries, I probably just copy-pasted the wrong script output. :p Will fix it when I get home. It's not lost; the scores are in a Google Sheet and printed from a Python script, and every post also has an edit history.

    EDIT: Fixed the leaderboard, and fixed the bug with the max-out sort order given the current appearance of this leaderboard (i.e., just sorting by integer line counts). May standardize on the same appearance and rules regarding "crossing the finish line" as in the other A-Type leaderboard later on.
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  18. Looks like the leaderboard is still messed up. Several people don't have their best scores listed. (Me, Bo, Josh, Joseph I see offhand)
  19. Thanks for the report. Seems they're in the spreadsheet, but the leaderboard printer doesn't like when it is missing the line count and was just omitting the scores instead. I'll fix it and do an update.

    EDIT: The scores for Bo (boblaze), Josh Tolles, and Joseph (jdmfx_) in the leaderboard already look like the best ones I have, and unless I'm missing something I wasn't able to find better ones when checking their posts on the forums. If there are better ones, then they haven't been submitted to me. Chad's score was a legit bug, which I worked around for now by entering 23x for the line field so it'd show up as expected.
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  20. I'm probably only gonna post in this thread when I hit a milestone, but I did that last week! Broke 100k in level 19. Now at 116,400.

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