Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. My first 900K+ score on Level 19 Start. Within a year, I’ll hopefully be back to post a Level 19 Maxout.

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  2. New PB 954,440. Third time over 900k

    Sorry for lack of video. I have ordered a new vcr to replace my bad one. Looking forward to recording a max!

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  3. get it done already :)
    JK great job. you are gonna get there soon, sir.
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  4. My first Level 19 Maxout, final score is 1,001,460 at 232 Lines.

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  5. Close game!

    (997240, 234 lines)
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  6. Yes now I am a member of Level 19 Max Club (sorry for double-post)

    (221 lines)
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  7. 163,200
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  8. Level 19 PB - 194,436

    Level 19 Line PB - 117
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  9. Just a small bump to my score PB, 199992 (still hunting that 200k) and a HUGE bump to my line PB at 166. This was my first time transitioning from a 19 start. Super Pleased.
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  10. Leaderboard updated, but sorting bug as of yet unfixed. I'll see if I can set aside time for it soon.
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  11. Just barely a spot up the board but dang!!! I've been hunting 200k on 19 for a minute. So many 199k games. Lol. Really happy about this!

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