Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. New pb on level 19:

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  2. Badass game bro! You are a hell of a player
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  3. New personal best, 915.922 at 232 lines :)
    Now I'm in the 900k zone too!
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  4. Great game, way to finish strong.
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  5. Well... here's a small improvement. My 3rd time being one tetris short of a maxout. It seems like my best games have the worst transitions, which is annoying. But I think the reason is just that I usually think "aaahhhh what the hell, might as well go all in since it's not working out". I also have a lot of moments in this game where I unnecessarily waste lines. I hope I this grinding will come to an end soon.

  6. Well played Svavar! I agree about the transition thing too!
  7. been hitting 19 a lot and got my personal best on camera. i finally got a good camera system to record my sessions. i got tired of only doing cool stuff when the camera was off!!! Anyway, i got 414177 points with a 19 start:
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  8. Koryan (notable Japanese player) finally got his first maxout on Sunday. I'm actually kinda surprised that he hadn't done it already, given how good he is at many different Tetris games.

  9. That is awesome, might want to post that in this thread
  10. You're right... I just blindly assumed that the most recent NES Tetris thread would be the correct one...
  11. #endless grinding...
    Who else is working on a 19 max these days? That would be a great ticket for CTWC :biggrin:
  12. I am still working towards getting better on level 19 start. I finally broke 800k last week on level 19 start (after 6 games of being 1 tetris away). Of course, my camcorder's SD card ran out several games before and I didn't notice :( I took a video with my cell phone after the game that shows the cursor on 9, although I guess its not definitive proof since I could have started on level 9 lol. Video below and either way I plan on continuing to improve, my next goal is 850k.

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  13. XD I think you can be well trusted.
    Great job!!

    I'm getting some early 300k-s (let's say, in 80 lines or so), but than the game keeps killing me ._.
    The most promising game I got was a a 635k lv 23, ended by some really bad pieces...
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  14. I found that its hard to play level 19 speed while tetrising at a high rate for a full 230 lines. 100 lines is much easier. Make one mistake or have a run of bad pieces with the stack built up and its usually over. Going for level 19 max is pure hell, which is why I set my goal at 800k so I can play less risky. I am not looking forward to playing more aggressive to improve my top score, but I guess I will keep trying to move up slowly. Now that I have hit 800k+ I am going to concentrate less on level 19 start (I will still play it often though) and go back to playing more 18 starts. I never stopped completely, but was mostly concentrating on level 19.
  15. I've just screwed a 520.800 in 119 lines @@@@@aa
    At least I have a new entry for this thread: lv 19 100 lines records ._.

    @AaronC sounds a good plan to me!
    Personally, I believe that playing from lv 20 to 29 is a bit easier if it comes after 140 lines of 19, but this is personal preference :)
  16. Boom! Not bad for a washed up 40 year old, lol.

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  17. LCK


    Sick game Aaron!
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  18. Thanks! Hows your tetris game going?

  20. Wow man! Not only did you do it beautifully, but I believe this is the earliest level 19 maxout on record... JUST INSANE!
    This was long overdue, congratulations on such an amazing achievement.

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