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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    NES Tetris level 19: 366,800 in 102 lines @ 3596 pts/line

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    Doop doop doop randomly breaking records when just kind of messing around I love you break theory.
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    Woop woop!

    Also, I've taken to stacking with the channel on the right. It seems more stable than stacking the sides.
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    I'm tempted to submit scores for the other two NES Tetrises, and I don't mean the Tetris 2s.
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    Tengen and Famicom?

    I don't know about Famicom, -- other than the awkward controls -- but Tengen would be a boring counter-roll fest. :<
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    hey i hold the record for tengen... though that does'nt make me disagree with alex... you could triple my world record... easily!, then i could triple that... then we would both be wasting 7 hours a pop lol. Is the other one the "tetris 2" :)

    oops nevermind i no longer hold that record lol

    wait... i think i might hold the record again ;)
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    Haha Ben I like how you edited your previous post instead of bumping. :)

    I haven't beaten my record yet, but I've been breaking 100k a bit more consistently these days so I should be able to soon.
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    ~109 lines. Stupid thing moved on to the rocket animation before I could get a proper shot.
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    I'm all about keeping the written record intact :)
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    232,400 @ 104 lines. Pic and first post update later.

    EDIT: [​IMG]
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    No new record, but I did 204,000 in 81 lines. :)
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    minor life victory... got above 400,000 within the the first 100 lines :) so happy about it i forgot to play worth a crap thereafter lol... died with a paltry 459200 at 139 (well... the next 39 lines were paltry... although you should have seen the comeback i made in the 1teens:)
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    260,400 in 81 lines. Wtf is this 81 line business? :p
    EDIT: 490,800 in 230 lines. B)
    EDIT2: 310,000 in 91 lines. Seems quite promising. :o
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    ^ understatment ;)
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    Hey, I just got this game.

    29,200 in 10 lines is the best I can do so far. I've managed it twice.

    Make that 39,600 in 19 lines.
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    Nice! :) Welcome to the wonderful world of NES.
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    Caithness, Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of NES Tetris!!
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    On Wed Jan 25, 2012, I cleared 197 lines for 417000 points starting on Level 19.
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    Nice score! :) Not too far from making it to Level 29 either.

    I updated my score with the one I had written on my Backloggery status. I don't know if I have the trailing digits or line count written anywhere for that one, though. :/

    I need to ask Ben what his top is -- I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be in 1st right now. :)
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    You could ask me that, but i dont remember. I think i had a 600k something or other during one of those skype things, but i havent really put much into tracking my highest on 19 alone, i record, but for whatever reason i havent made any effort to save my high. i think it in the mid 6's but thats a bit vauge for this thread haha. I'll try to record a 700k+ on 19 one of these days with evidence and a certain memory... for now though, I'm happy to have what i have here :)

    edit: im too lazy and focused on 18 starts for maxing, so, that 540ish is what ya get :)
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