Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Thank you Mr. Kerr!
  2. New controller seems to be helping. Not a huge improvement, but glad to be over 500k. Scored a 527,211 with 229 lines (waiting for long piece that never came).

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  3. Here is my 7 Tetrises in a row on level 19.

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  4. New PR for level 19 start, inching my way up slowly but surely.

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  6. Thanks David, sometimes I feel like im going backwards, so its nice to have even a small breakthrough.
  7. I know exactly that feeling. I have felt it in between every big score breakthrough I've had though. It seems like it's just some mental barrier that, when broken through, makes you a lot better.

    Nice game man!
  8. Thanks man. I am rooting for you to get that level 19 max!
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  9. this should improve my fastest max somewhat. i was at 992140 with 224 lines and got a tetris. i believe it will end up being 224.17 lines. i think the math is close but not perfect. thanks!
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  10. Nice ending :)
  11. Amazing game Terry, nice job. I love your style of play. Level 28 Tetrises are worth 34,800, so 1 line of a Tetris would be 8700 points. You needed 7859 points to max, so 7859/8700 = 0.90333 of a line. So I would say that puts you maxing at 224.9 lines.
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  12. Awesome Terry. You made it through that O block wilderness at the start. Whole game was fun to watch. One of my favorite moves was a very last second J block rotation in the middle of the stack.

    Also congrats to Svavar and AaronC on the sweet progress.
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  13. This may have been discussed but why are Jonas and Thor not on the board here (but they are on the sub 19 list)? Same for Quaid - he doesn't have the video of a 19 max but he has more than sufficient cred for his claim. The list just has never looked right to me without them on there.

    Also, John Byram now has a 666,500 (youtube john byram tetris)
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  14. Muf


    Historically, TC leaderboards have been on a basis of "submit your own score" - I think NES is one of the only exceptions where people have posted scores on behalf of other people. So to answer your question, I don't think anyone has posted on behalf of Jonas, Thor or Quaid. Feel free to do so, or egg them on to post their scores themselves. :)
  15. Thanks Chad!
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  16. well done john! also, i would be OK wth simply adding jonas, thor, and quaid to the list. alex can work magic, lets let him do it.
  17. Got a new PB on level 19! 940,720 oooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh

  18. Awesome game,.congrats on the PB! The lvl 19 max is in sight.
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  19. Svavar, you just inspired me! I just now beat my own lvl 19 start score PB, hitting 621k. No where close to as impressive as yours, but glad to be over 600k fimally. I made way too many mistakes, but kept digging myself out. Will post video up later.
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  20. Awesome man! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the video

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