Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Congrats Terry, video says private
  2. video is now public. thanks!
  3. Badass video, a couple close calls and you stayed cool as a cucumber, great job!
  4. That's so awesome Terry! Congrats on an amazing game!
  5. New level 19 personal best 751k

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  6. nice game, keep up the improvements!
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  7. anybody want to speculate on who will be the next 19 maxer?
    my bet is on svavar... (don't let me down you icelandic beast) :p
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  8. my money is on Bo.
  9. i would have said bo too but he mentioned to me the other day he isnt really playing very much anymore. but that guy is always a good bet anyway since i am sure he can pop off a good game out of nowhere.
  10. All the maxers can do it if they play aggressive for the first 140 lines....then its just a run of the mill max from they way, id like to see the board updated...everytime i look at that 999.365 it gives me nightmares....Kitaru???
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  11. kitaru has a GF now so it may be a while until we see an update... :wub:
  12. New PB on level 19 877,180


  13. looks like my prediction might just come true after all...

    great game man. if you hadnt misdropped that on piece on level 28 you would have gotten a 900k most likely! you are playing wonderfully.

    still think you can make it out for the tournament? :)
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  14. Thanks Terry!

    Believe me I want nothing more than to go but in my situation right now it is just very difficult for me to do. I'm really planning on coming 2016 though!
  15. awesome job, Svavar, keep em coming!
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  16. god damn it! update this shit!

    UPDATE: i love alex kerr.
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  17. board still needs updating....
    I see Svavar's score was updated. Congrats! What about the others???? for f*** sake?

    David V – 999,999 – lines 227
    Jake - 831,474 - lines 233
    Kristen 775,361 – lines 226
    Metallian 582,040 – lines 230

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  18. I think I got mine at 227 lines??? I could be wrong though......
  19. Yes. You're correct. 227 for David V. My bad.
  20. Agh, thought I had caught everything up to this page for some reason. Will get it now...

    EDIt: updated...
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