Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. great pace!! reason why you shouldn't be able to max in the near future....
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  2. i agree with david. this pace sets you up great to max 18 in the future. despite how counter intuitive it may seem however, dont play on 18 much- play 19 as much as possible! thats the way to really learn this game.
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  3. should have been my third max. i blew a 933k @ 204 lines a month ago, got a 908 ten days ago, and now this. christopher hitchens narrated his "god is not great" book to me as i blew it yet again. one single misdrop.


    i wonder if i had been listening to a narrated bible story, would god have let me max again?

    fuck god. and fuck tetris.

    PS :p
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  4. i just put up a 917 tonight...

    great game BTW
  5. david i cant believe you and i still play.

    very passive aggressive BTW. :p
  6. passive aggressive? ?
    how so?

    And yeah...still playing...mainly just 19 to keep my game more records to really chase EXCEPT THOSE LAST 635 POINTS ON 19!!! Lol.
  7. sorry i was just kidding. i am used to people taunting the shit out of each other on the forum (as well supporting each other, albeit in a different way) so i thought you would have made fun of me for my failure! thats why i said that.
  8. Nope...anything over 900k on 19 is beyond amazing! watching your game, I was very impressed with your decision making... sucks that you had the one slip up late, but u still basically proved that your 19 game is up there near the best 2 or 3 in the world right now.....makes me wanna switch sides!..the way u
    make it look so easy....
  9. hilarious
  10. i am glad it brought someone joy to watch it, because it sure sucked living through it. :)
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  11. not nearly as bad as my 999365, but ill give u credit for trying to top my epic fail....
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  12. Same deal as the other NES threads, finally back up to date!
  13. I thought I might join in on this list. Here's my 519,480 on level 19, played on emulator:

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  14. new lv 19 record for me. 735,905 (233 lines). Hit two tetrises on LV 28 which was a nice boost. Jake_LV19_record.JPG
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  15. great game jake. you pay much on 19 anymore? you should because you need to be ready to bring the pain in a few months!
  16. thanks Terry. I have been playing 19 a lot this week. Hit a few 500k's, etc. and then the 734k game. I'm relatively certain I can max 19 within next 4-5 months. Not a guarantee by any means, more of a personal challenge
  17. Done.
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  18. I would like to formally welcome you to the elite class. Congratulations.
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  19. Thanks Supa.....Hopefully i can give you a run for your money in october...????
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  20. i believe you can. you've been on my top 5 list for a while now. definitely moved up a spot, maybe two, with this feat.
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