Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. 12 in a row
  2. Very impressive, I am still trying to get 12 in a row on level 18, lol
  3. Here is the latest thing from me. Using a Game Genie, I force the pieces to fall at Level 19 rate, then start on Level 00. I haven't tried this in a long time, and was quite pleased that I made it all the way through to Level 29. I think Level 25 was the highest I had hit before.
  4. love it! whats the code?

    It's an old code, but getting to Level 29 is new for me.
  6. Lol, so level 29 is only level 19 speed using that code? I must try this. I wonder if level 30 is level 29 speed?
  7. All levels, even those above 29 will be at 19 speed. It would be playable forever. Could be interesting to see who gets the earliest max-out....
  8. good to know, or who lasts the longest
  9. David! Josh! Killin' it, fellas! Nice work.


  10. Ben! Killin' it!!

    Excellent game. 800k was sitting there pretty close! I predicted two more Tetrises from you (while watching) which you didn't get, and that would've left you verrrrry close to eight. Nice commentary....You stream live? Where? When? How? I am going to start doing commentary on my streams now, too!

    Why haven't you maxed yet???!
  11. :biggrin: Thanks, homey.

    That's very kind, Josh. You know, I don't mean to complain...but it's a rather hard game to watch for me. I generally don't get line pieces like that and, really, that game could have been, um, rather big. I suppose I "wasn't ready" for a bigger game, but it was there too be had, for sure.

    I don't stream as often as I would like, but I'm on Twitch. I put my streams/recorded videos on YouTube and have them in playlists (which I can't stop tinkering with). It's a good exercise for me in many ways. Short play sessions, mild reflection, some tutorials, etc. The whole project has pretty much turned into Tetris Journal v2.0.

    I will be bringing my setup with me to MGC (Saturday night unoffical SNES tourney stream, maybe?!?!?!?). It's rather simple: An Elgato HD to capture, a pain in the ass laptop, and OBS as my streaming software. Since we're playing *ahem* old games, a simple capture device and any ol' laptop will work...provided you have decent upstream speeds. That's the biggest downfall I see on Twitch. People don't realize that their internet may not be "up to par" and it leaves the stream super laggy.

    So desu ka. Well, my friend, to put it simply: I don't enjoy 18. I just don't. Am I too good for 18? No. Do I have plenty to learn on 18? Yes. Would I rather spend my time playing what I think is the best part of that damnable game?!? Hell to the yes. 19 just speaks to me. I never knew as a child that you could skip 10 levels, otherwise I would likely have been playing 19 my whole life.

    Let me share just a bit more insight: 2013 was me returning to Tetris. 2014 was me HATING Tetris. 2015 is me making peace with Tetris. I won't force myself to play 18 just to go for the max. I want to max, certainly, but at this rate, I may just get it on 19. I may never get it. No big. I just want to enjoy this game while some of us are still interested in it. :p
  12. Just ready for the biggest game of your life so far....It's weird how we seem to have to improve incrementally. Like, we may feel like we are "good enough" for a much higher score, but we still have to kind of creep our way up the score board, step by step.

    We need to start advertising this!....Will the (packed-full) hotel's wi-fi be able to handle it?

    I know exactly how you feel. Level 31 on SNES may be the greatest Tetris experience I have ever played.

    You're welcome, sugar pie. Oh, wait--you said homey, with an M! I thought you said honey, with an N! My bad.
  13. Hard telling with hotel internet, but I'm hoping to use a wired connection. Depending on where we are, how it tests, and what other "options" the hotel offers, we may or may not be able to stream. Regardless, if we want to have someone on the mic and record locally, we'll be able to do that, too.

    No prob, buttercup.
  14. well done sir! can't wait to meet you in person and have a level 19 challenge with you. from what i just aw you are quite a competitor.

    @josh- i am gonna try to max that shit ASAP.
  15. not quite as brutal as davids near miss max out but still worth a watch. 933k @ 204 lines. i am particularly proud of the pace on this one though. i could have had the first level 27 max on 19!
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  16. Great game, you were really moving.
  17. Very nice improvement, I liked your episodes, but you stopped posting them :(
  18. Soooooo damn good, man. :o Really quite a gem.

    Thanks, Aaron! I tend to burn down the shit I create, only to rise from the halfway expect more random and better content down the line. :p
  19. Great work, Aaron, Terry, Ben, Josh, Terry and Simba.

    I have had a small increase in score, 298k at 95 lines. No video, just a screen shot.
    Lvl 19 298k 041615.jpg
  20. Trying to take my game to the next level. 485K. Hope to keep doing better :p

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