Records: [NES] Back-to-Back 999,999

Thread in 'Competition' started by SuPa, 3 Sep 2013.

  1. I'm curious: Why level 20? Most of what I've heard has been the transition into level 19 (or where it would have been if you hadn't started at 19).
  2. I guess some others use the 130 lines mark for a level 19 start as the "transition" score to level 19, for comparison to level 18 starts. That comparison breaks down though when considering other lower level starts. (Edit: I realize it does work though in terms of 10 lines on level 19)

    Also, when you're playing the game, you will more easily notice the level 20 transition from a level 19 start than you will 130 lines, so it might be a more useful yardstick for "maxoutability" for those going for a level 19 maxout.
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