Records: [NES] 18>19 transition records

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  1. i got this a few months ago but never got around to posting it. my math says this was a 684,357 transition, with a topout shortly after that, lol
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  2. Idk if anyone tracks this but I had a nice one today:


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  3. Jonas transitioned at around 672k when he hit his PB. Harry's PB score transitioned at 684k.

    Joseph, Koryan, and Greentea were all below 630ish, I think, when they set their PBs.
    That's like 125k higher than when you set your PB. :)
  4. Here's my 717,500 transition that I got back in March. I could search for a video if you need it
  5. My transition pb, 715600k
  6. My new PB:


    But immediately after the transition I got giga-drought and topout. As usual.
  7. New PB — this time with a lot of additional information. ;)

    new pb - game.png

    new pb - summary.png

    Achived during debugging my layout software.
  8. I just smashed my current PB!

    new pb - game.png

    new pb - summary.png

    It was so close to breake the 700k barrier... :p
  9. Less than previous but, still my second transition score PB. ;)

    This time I recorded the game and it is the first video about Tetris I have published on the web. By the way, you can see how Richtris looks in action, because so far I have only shown screenshots. But now I also have screenshots (taken automatically by Richtris).

    I have to work on the quality of the videos, although my PC is already screaming in pain while recording.

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  10. Got a new transition PB, DAS transition WR (:
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  11. I had a 694k transition in 2020 that was on stream but don't have it saved.
  12. 715.800 transition and... discharge the DAS. ;)

    NES Tetris (NTSC) — 715.800 transition score (level 18 to 19).png

    Transition score PB beaten but 1.2M chance wasted.
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