Records: [NES] 18>19 transition records

Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 14 Aug 2014.

  1. Good lookin' out, Frank. :D
  2. Didn't really know where to post this, so I figured I would throw it in here. I completed an 18-5 last night for the first time. Seemed tougher and even more reliant on luck than 19-3 (which also requires tons of luck). I almost blew it at the end after I had already blown another one that I should have gotten earlier in the night.

  3. just got another tranny over 700k....died soon after...
  4. well done! i dont think i ave ever even tried 18-5 but now i will since you have inspired me.
  5. Thanks, looking forward to seeing it, and your impressions of how it compares to 19-3.
  6. david you are beast! i cant wait to play you!
  7. Damn David...well done. I think I counted 6 total lines you burned, lols. I guess the max transition score (at least the way we calculate it and not accounting for drop points) is 32 x 22,800 + 12,000 = 741,600
  8. yeah but that is 2 lines into 19, so you have to back off 12,000 points
  9. New level 18 transition PR for me! I counted 27 tetrises so 22 lines burned out of 130.

  10. nice work Aaron. ...700 is within sight!!
  11. Thanks David. I have a lot of respect for you guys who have hit 700k...maybe if I start left welling like you, I can hit it! lol (yeah right)
  12. just transitioned at 639,485! 161 points behind Tolles!!
  13. Nice job man! Bummer that it ended so soon after
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  14. nice game joey! don't forget to get the socks and undies out of the dryer too. :) :)
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  15. Great transition Joey!
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  16. great job everyone! new scores left and right!
    i was hoping someone with better math skills could take this thread over. i would like to keep it updated given all the new scores but i dont trust my math enough to accurately calculate peoples scores in order to rank them. any takers? message me...
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  17. I am pretty good at the math side of things, so if you want I can confirm any scores posted in here. I think the only ones you haven't updated on the list are mine and Joeys.
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  18. She was so embarrassed about that. She told me not to post it, but I assured her that all the married guys would understand that situation!
  19. Nah.. nothing to be embarrassed about... can't let that prevent you from posting. Hope you're doing well bro!

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