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    what if they made it so combos did not cause the goal to increase faster? why not have a mode that encourages the player to make long combos? the winning strategy in every single player mode in every TTC game released in the last couple years is to make T-spins and tetrises. they have a system in place to reward you for making combos (the bonuses in a long combo really add up) but they haven't provided a single player mode that this style of play is useful in. in marathon you're penalized with additional goal decreases for making tetrises, T-spins, and combos, so why not remove the penalty that goes with making combos? at least it would give you something to do while waiting to make your big T-spin thing at goal 1.
  2. ooh thats a really good idea jujube
  3. Evo doesn't. It goes to a straight 150 lines. The optimal scoring method is a lot like TZone Master (Maintain B2B from start to finish, do lots of combos), except that you start at level 15 so there is no advantage in delaying higher scoring things until a level boundary, and Evo is less forgiving about what counts as a T-spin.

    Edit: jujube: nice idea. Will think about it and see if I notice a problem.
  4. Does. There's the Marathon mode you're talking about, and there's a separate Marathon mode called "variable scoring" identical to Facebook Marathon.

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