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Thread in 'Strategy' started by cdsboy, 8 Dec 2006.

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    Suggestion: Figure out what's stopping Lockjaw from linking and play the shit out of its Death speed curve, possibly with a longer lock delay. This starts you out at 20G.

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    The sub-20g speed can be a bit unpredictable when the field is too low. I'd suggest building the middle higher and keeping the whole field generally high. You'd be able to build faster and have a "20g" like environment where you are able to predict where pieces will land. Also, when faced with a misdrop, plug the hole and build over it (if you didn't cover the right column I mean). Keeping the middle and left side high is your top priority.
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    ok thanks for the suggestions
  5. Wow. You're clearly a solid player getting only Tetrises until lvl 250 or so, but you haven't learned any of the TGM tricks. All the sudden your TDS skills become unsuitable and you're unable to cope. It felt to me like you were handling the speed just fine (in terms of pieces/sec), but you just didn't know any options of where to put your pieces once the gravity increased. This was because your screen was too flat. Build higher in the center, it won't hurt.

    I'd recommend playing 20G which I think you could see coming. [​IMG] But it's true! Don't even worry about playing 20G quickly, just learn the general mechanics and structure of play. Pieces have to be able to flow from the center. You'll learn to love pieces scraping along the bottom of the screen before long. [​IMG] If you get frustrated, just cut back to regular play again, but try and build similarly. You'll be surviving to 500 before you know it.

    20G code:

    Down (eight times), C, B, A, Start.

    Use it! And honestly you're much better than I was when I first started playing TGM, so you can totally do it.
  6. i wouldn't say really to make to the middle high, just as long as it's safe. a middle can be safe and not look like a pyramid. in short, i wouldn't worry too much about the middle so long as you mind it and keep it safe.

    also, you have to learn how to initially rotate L/J to their letter orientation-- which is important most of the time when maneuvering over a lot of surfaces. lastly, start preparing for 20g early on. that's all i got.

    edit: ct posted as i was, so maybe i'm overexaggerating the middle-tall thing-- i'm not the expert.

    when i was learning tgm the first time i went with the 20g only thing and got discouraged, quiting shortly after. second time i just played regular 20g, and it held my interest a little longer.
  7. Yes, you don't have to build high in the center, just higher.
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    That's very similar to the way I played when I started playing TGM about a year ago. I wish I knew about this group back then! I had to figure out all that useful stuff about building the middle high on my own. It'll take a while, but you'll get used to it. Also, play as much 20G as you can. It'll be maybe a few weeks before you're even comfortable doing it for more than a few seconds, but you'll get the hang of it. Before I learned to play 20G, I would usually get to S3 or S4 and then loose control once the gravity got to be too much. Once you get the basics of 20G down, you should be able to blow past that mark pretty quickly. Good Luck!
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    H h.. [​IMG]
    Listen the Death Master!
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    ok i'm kind of jealous. is there any TGM type game i can play on a mac that isn't Lockjaw?



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    Perhaps the Mac port of Heboris?

    I've recently seen Syoboris on the heboris uploader and have been wondering what it is specifically. Another expansion variant for the mac I suppose?
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    is there an easy way to get the mac port of heboris?
  13. Syoboris is an entirely new SDL-based effort for Mac. It's very early and primitive right now.

    Sorry cosmo I'm not a Mac guy and can't really help you. [​IMG]
  14. How did you record it ?

    Camtasia slows the game, making it easier, and Mame produce really huge (too huge for me :s ) .mng files.
  15. camstudio's open-source. and any screen recording program will slow down a computer if it can't handle it. with faster computers, you won't experience slow down.
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    I did use camtasia. It slowed it down. But just by a bit. Also i was running tgm in zinc not mame. that might be the differnce. When using camtasia i find it helps to set a fps to record not let it choose its own. Oh and cosmo, i have to mac version of heboris if you pm me an email i'll send it to that.
  17. Ah so you're using zinc. I forgot how power-demanding Mame was. Works like a charm now. You guys will see my videos soon [​IMG] .
  18. This thread is holding hope for me. My internet is down until christmas due to moving house, so I've been playing TGM because I have no wifi.

    I can hit S3 in under 6 minutes, but then it sort of goes downhill.

    Usually I'll just screw myself up with misdrops, or a lack of knowing the rotation, until I slowly cling on to life at the top of the screen before dying around level 500.

    Either that, or I mess up early, and spend too much time rectifying it. I'll get well past level 500, but be on S2 or something.

    When my internet gets up, I'll try downloading one of those programs nd putting some videos up. I was intent on looking for some ways to record screenshots, and you guys have solved it for me [​IMG]

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    The guide here is extremly useful for learning how to deal with the various situations in TGM, particularly 20g.
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    exilent! now only if it wasn't in japanese....

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