Monster Trickles [Updated]

Thread in 'Other games' started by japan0708, 30 May 2009.

  1. japan0708

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    Thanks to all testers.

    Network seems quite stable.


    Game Guide

    Added adjustable piece movement speed.

    Trickles blocks will be the standard. Some extra blocks I created for a little challenge
    Beta blocks. Some experimental blocks that didn't quite make it for the game selections. But I left it as selectable anyway just in case anybody wanted to try them.
    Piece list viewable up to 8 pieces. Good for planning how to stack your blocks.
    Hold piece. If you see a piece you like, just hold it. Or if its a piece you don't like. Hold it and use it later when it fits well.
    Smooth piece falling

    Extra Stuff
    Network play through internet (IP based) up to 12 PLAYERS!!!!
    Opponent blocks viewer and movement tracker
    Tricks system - trick other players by screwing up their blocks
    Penalty system - or garbage system. whatever you wanna call it
    Block design - extra types
    Ghost block design - extra types
    Frame design - more frame types

    Test Stuff
    Tricks mix system - server controlled tricks mixer (still testing)
    Monster system - 15 monsters to battle with for now (still testing)
  2. Having pieces that aren't tetrominoes would probably be good against lawsuit possibilities. So would the well not being 10x20.

    I'll give the game some testing next week when my exams are over.
  3. It seems pretty cool so far. Would be nice with sounds. Not tested network play yet.
  4. japan0708

    japan0708 Unregistered

    Yeah the well is 12x24 and I have programmed the sound to be user defined. I will put template documentation later.

    But the main focus will be playing with people with network play.

    I have an example template using tetris sounds but that wont be for public release. I only used it as a template for development. If you would like it just pm me for a link.
  5. Very nice game, especially graphics are very impressive.
  6. japan0708

    japan0708 Unregistered

    Thanks, took me a while to do the interface, but it was worth it.

    There are people coming in and out of the network games recently. I gotta find a way to get everybody to play at the same time.
  7. rustylugnuts

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    Well dude it looks like I'm going to be your biggest pest (fan) to date. I found out about your game from Mr. Raped flower's (schiffner's) blog post and I've already badgered you on your own site as well. I haven't played with it too much yet but the speed update helped fo sho. I can't remember the third fine adjustment control criterion from the not to be mentioned/previously shutdown block style game was but the second fine tuning adjustment was delay (time b/w button press and piece move). Delay becomes most noticable when you're trying to switch directions at the higher speeds. When I minimized delay with with the speed cranked it was almost impossible to move the pieces to the exact location I wanted em at. The piece would twitch past where I wanted it to go ultimately ending up in a misdrop. But once the perfect combination of speed and delay was found, which changed as my skill improved,the controlls we're so much more responsive than other games that it resulted in superior game immersion (i.e. the addictive properties of the game were upgraded from caffiene to crack). The game rocks \m/>.<\m/ as it is and I hope it generates enough interest to have at least one room running at all times like cultris does (did? I haven't been able to get anything but single player working recently).

    On a different note: Since the game hasn't picked up many followers yet, would anybody like to setup a certain time to meet for network play? I'm just dyin to test out some trick/attack combos that kept my gamer senses tingling early this decade ( paralize, blind, field switch kicked my ass more than a few times).
  8. japan0708

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that the small piece movement speed modification improved your gameplay.

    As for problems with network play, you will need to update your client from the website. So just download the updated client and not the full game again. Should only be about 380kb'ish. You couldn't connect due to me adding some stuff to the game lately so I blocked older clients to prevent game mismatch. (It should've had a message on the bottom to get a new client).

    I also hope that people would gather to play at the same time instead of people logging in and out, which i assume is because nobody is playing so they quit.

    I hang around the tetrisconcept irc channel as well as other channels.
    irc:// for those who dont know.

    and also

    Having a large group playing at the same time would help me test if the server could hold out also. [​IMG]

    Thanks to everybody who has been popping in and out so far.

    don't need the # in irc links.

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