Mobile Tetris AT&T tournament woes

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 15 Feb 2008.

  1. [Editor's comment: I actually wound up winning this tournament afterall.. Whoops!

    Guys I'm disappointed. I registered for the AT&T sponsored Mobile Tetris tournament. Both top two finalist receive $2000 plus a four night trip to Hawaii for the Tetris Cup 2008 tentatively planned for April. I played well. I followed the very complicated rules, and I think I should've won. I haven't heard anything from the organization. [​IMG]

    I registered towards the end of November 2007 if I recall correctly, and I know my registration was processed because at the beginning of the competition phase on January 25th I received this lovely reminder:


    So the way the tournament is supposed to work is the game keeps track of your rating, sort of like Tetris DS, but more like Elo rating. Everyone who registered for the tournament has their ratings reset. At the end of the competition phase, the top two registered players win. "On or about" February 10th, they supposedly call and confirm the winners.

    This shows my registered account name:


    And this shows my rank and rating:


    No one has contacted me. I know because I've been obsessively checking my phone and email. I invested so much time, effort, and stress into this tournament, and it turns out I reap no benefit at all. I got my hopes up for nothing. I couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to get a chance to play with the best, personally meet Henk, kbr, and maybe Alexey, discuss serious Tetris stuff with other serious players face to face for once (!), finally learn to surf, etc. It's very disappointing. Due to their crazily self-protecting rules, they can pretty much choose whoever the hell they want to win. Maybe they picked two guys from Hawaii so they wouldn't need to pay as much travel expense. Maybe they just don't like me. Who knows.
  2. kbr420

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    hey caf,

    Congrats on the victory, I knew there was going to be an ATT tourney but didn't knew it started, let alone already finished. This tourney is solely ran by ATT with EA. I'll see if I can get any info on it.
  3. jujube

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    "Every multiplayer Tetris game you play on your mobile phone will count towards your score in the competition."

    that's a pretty vague statement. it could mean they're only counting your total wins. in fact it doesn't even say anything about winning. you just have to play. is there a better description of the rules anywhere?

    edit: i found these quotes in the official rules:

    "You maximize your score when you compete against and defeat an opponent with a higher skill level or ranking than your own."

    "Scoring and ranking will be determined solely and exclusively by the computer of Electronic Arts, Inc., the maker of Tetris, whose decisions on the outcome of the competition phase of the Contest are final and binding."

    i'm not so sure your score is based on your rating. your "score" is whatever they want it to be.
  4. February the 3rd wasn't that long ago. I'd wait another week or so before getting worried about not being contacted.
  5. "You maximize your score when you compete against and defeat an opponent with a higher skill level or ranking than your own. The higher the skill level/ranking of your opponent, the more you can score. You will be able to see the skill level/ranking of each proposed opponent and to accept or reject that opponent each time before you play. Cumulative score at the end of the Competition Period will determine the winners."

    That pretty much makes it clear that they're going by rating.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Did you accept every opponent? [​IMG]
  7. On a slightly un-caffeine related note, this at least shows that the Tetris Cup is being planned as more than just a one-off.
  8. Yes I accepted every opponent because before I had tested all the nooks and crannies, and if i tried to get out of a match once the balls started rolling, it would count it as a loss.

    in fact, i won every game i played during the competition, except for one or two that were counted as losses because of a glitch that will force you out of the game every once in a while.
  9. jujube

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    not necessarily though. if you play a ton you might win more games than someone with a higher rating, which could give you a higher score.
  10. then why would they say you maximize your score when you play people with a higher skill rating? it wouldn't make sense if it wasn't the rating.
  11. jujube

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    because 10 wins against a 2400 player is probably better than 1 win against a 2500 player. they can still say you maximize your score against the higher rated player if your score increases more per win against them.

    the winner could very well be the highest rated player, but i don't see anything in the official rules that says that specifically.

  12. I think it's reasonable to assume. It's the only visible rating system, and why would they use anything else?
  13. This was the first time I even knew of the event's existence. Was there any posts made here notifying the event? If so, my bad; if not, it'd be nice to have some little notifications next time something similar is held.
  14. Yeah, I was going to post here about it, but I had mentioned it in #arika and got not one reply, so I figured nobody really cared, lol.

    Not to mention, it was within my strategic interest to keep anyone good from finding out about it.
  15. Yeah, I double checked my logs since I couldn't remember when he had said it. I instantly remembered the conversation that was going on once I saw what it was. We were talking about Wikipedia edit wars and Super Star Soldier. Only colour_thief paid any mind to caffeine, saying "Enjoy your trip to Hawaii."

  16. It's still hardly global though. We don't have AT&T in the UK. And you'd need a compatible phone.

    Something is better than nothing I guess. Assuming this doesn't turn out to be nothing.

  17. Forget about having AT&T in your territory. Check the rules... it's restricted to the US. [​IMG]
  18. Ah, that doesn't surprise me.

    Maybe 2009 will see a global one? Or maybe they'll just add Canada.

    Even so, it'd have been nice to get caffeine and Digital smuggled into the Tetris Cup [​IMG]
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    hmm.. i bought the game three days ago and i still dont know how to use the items... points.. 1650...
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    I work with AT&T on a daily basis, i'll see what I can sort out.

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