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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. If you're trying to get to the maxout, then consider trying to get better at consistently scoring during the early stages. Things I like to try doing include trying to score as much as possible in 100 lines (my best currently is 253546), and trying to get the various rocket types in as few lines as possible. That way, you'll be playing less at level 20, where the scoring is much slower.
  2. that games good, scary good.

    welcome to the 900 club, a small elite group of tortured souls good enough to kick butt but not yet having acheived ultimate glory. One would think being a member of this club would be nice but you now know the sad truth... it is the worst club of all to be a member of: none of the pomp and circumstance of max, none of the hope and potential of the 800's. now the only question from friends and family will be have you done it yet, it will start to feel like the "why havent you given me grandchildren" question.

    congrats! and welcome to hell.

    have you done it yet?
    apparently the answer is yes ;)
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  3. Congrats kitaru !
    Now that I started playing nes tetris a bit, I really understand how incredibly difficult it is to achieve such score ^^
  4. New PR in lines today. It was a score attempt gone awry, about 859k or so at 229, so i said screwit and build high... got a 237, one better than my old record of 296! (I promise that logic makes sense lol)

  5. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    And I wasn't really trying for it.
  6. I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I don't get it... what did you accomplish? :(
  7. Muf


    Big mode Gold SK.
  8. Which means he got three tetrises -- and in the first section at that. :o
  9. Ah cool, thanks for clarifying guys :). And wow, yeah, that IS awesome! Nice job!
    OK, what the heck, I just played a few games towards this and I got three Tetrises in the first section, but I had no medal of any kind...
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  10. Hm, were you playing TGM1? Medals made their premiere in TGM2, so that might be it.

    If you're using Nullpomino... it supports medals but might not have requirements set in modes that didn't originally have them; the other games and modes have varying requirements, so maybe noname didn't want to invent ones for the old modes. The other possibility is that the requirements don't vary when Big mode is enabled.
  11. Thanks Kitaru. I just noticed in his screenshot it says "Plus" so he did it on TGM2 indeed. Cool, now I feel even more awesome that I got 3 Tetrises in the first section (0-100) on big mode in TGM1 :D (I actually had my 3rd Tetris by level 60!). I wonder if it's cool enough to upload it to YouTube?
  12. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

  13. Dang! That makes it even more awesome now :D. Thanks for posting man, stuff like this is inspirational.
    Oh snap! I just did this by level 89!
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  14. Thanks, I knew I should have checked the wiki instead of trying to make a judgment call. :)
  15. Yo Kitaru, just updated my previous post! w00t!
  16. Nice! :)

    I'm tempted to go get killed by Big mode now :p
  17. Well, I'm sort of interested in trying for a medal collection GM or something along these lines. I don't like missing those conditions, so it's hard to convince myself to go for the level stop abuses, haha. :D (Is the 300k possible without it?) I'm really bummed the game with the perfect bravo Tetris in the first 10 pieces didn't pan out! :p

    What's the best way to cheese out RO -- just IRSing O pieces? I also need to figure out exactly how full the top couple of rows need to be for RE...

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