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  1. I swore they did, but I just double checked. You sir are correct! :oops:
  2. No worries, hehe. You're not the only one that thought that, as Hard Drop's copy of the wiki used to say the same thing. :p
  3. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    For someone who isn't supposed to have a clue about SRS, I think this isn't too shabby:


    Although this was with infinite lockdown, the disparity between infinite/classic lockdown scores isn't that great; I think my record with classic lockdown is around 3.2M.

    Sadly, I don't have space on my memory card to record a replay, otherwise I would have a video to share; but for those of you who have never seen this mode in action, here's a video of Koryan playing, and getting a score of 3.8M with classic lockdown:
    and for those of you without nicovideo accounts:
    Presumably, the higher score of 5.4M in his record table is his best with infinite lockdown enabled.

    If anyone else here has this game, I'd be very interested in comparing scores :)
  4. Ai


    That video was an interesting watch.

    The tetromino blocks changing every 10 levels is a cool concept I don't think I've seen before. Is there an option to choose the tetrominoes you prefer?
  5. [​IMG]
    what is this i don't even.
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  6. Muf


    Holy shit yes.
  7. you sir are a god among men. by sir i mean ladylily. lol.
  8. Ai


    Simply amazing LadyLily!

    A while ago I amassed a score of 83292 at level 41 in TAP Normal. What happened afterwards can be described as a crash course in how to fail. I wasted a unique opportunity and ended up with 444920 points.
  9. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Yeah, very nice LadyLily. That shit seems hard, especially on NES Tetris.
  10. NES Tetris random acheivements:

    Level 19-2, 18-4, 15-5 play them all one after the other... win them all consecutivly then do that twice... I call it the double hat trick, give it a try! hrdest levels I've beat are 18-5 and 19-3. Most Consecutive 9-5's 25.

    A mode:
    most points without getting a single line: 326. Highest line average over 10 games: 285. line average over months (when i tracked it) 271.5

    official acheivements also exist but... that my friend is for another forum.
  11. Three consecutive tetrises on NES Tetris level 19 is my current best. It felt pretty awesome, haha. Unfortunately, no new record out of that game because I lost control and totally ate it. 82k is still darn solid for me.
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  12. i got like... 200k~ but that was starting from level 9 -> 16? ish
  13. I'm talkin' level 19 starts, man. My level 9 record is ~450k. :p

    I'd probably be a 500k player if I could string together a good game, but I've mostly been grinding level 19 as of late.
  14. I find it best to play level 19 for only 100 lines (because thats all one gets going for the maxout) if you dcore what i think of as a "good transition score" (520,000) on everything prior to level 19 then you would need to be able to score 480,000 from level 19 to level 29... thats a lot but there is good news: since the score per tetris continues to go up between level 19 and 29 the equivalent of this score playing ONLY on level 19 would only need to be 81% of 480,000 which is 388,800. So all you need to be able to do really is get a good transition score, then play an AMAZING 19+ game, and you max out! Oh and remember that only 3 levels are really worth a darn to start on if you want to maxout: 9, 11, and 18... though 18 is the best.

    The joy (or misery) of all this is that even if you play nearly perfectly its still BARELY possible to do (bordering on the obscene)... But thats the hallmark of any great tetris game. It should be almost impossible (but still technically possible) to do something in it it a hallmark of all the greatest tetris games... Just look at Tengen Tetris for NES- it never gets all that hard which makes it quite tedious and uneventful. BUt the official version stands as one of the great tetris versions of all time exactly because they made acheiving both this score and level 30 BARELY possible!

    another miscellaneous tetris acheivment or two: My highest Transition score is 609k... though i know of a guy who has done 630k. My best score within 100 lines starting on level 19 (though I'm not super sure) is something like 450k
  15. Back when people here couldn't get an M in Death mode, someone (K or Amnesia, I think) suggested recording performance of 12 games in a row, dropping the highest and lowest, and then averaging the other 10. I don't know if there's a proper name for this, but it could be interesting to see what you would get when doing a "French average".

    Edit: Why is level 11 considered to be a good starting level?
  16. Good question... I have the answer at home in a speadsheet of tetris data ( I was hoping this would be asked)... I'll also go ahead and answer which levels are worst... In fact I will rank all level from 9 to 19 in good transitionscoreablity! so... later gator!
  17. So why is 11 a decent place to start:

    Here is a list of every level in order from greatest to least of the total possible score possible from line 0 to the transition to level 19 (these are maximum scores possible meaning all tetris')

    firstly it must be remembered that the higher the speed level the less often you are likely to tetris at a high rate.

    19: 792000 so this would be best except its so damn fast

    18: 752400 probably best if you can handle the speed if not... 9 or 11 will work well because you are able to tetris at a higher rate. What also makes this so good is that the game takes a shorter amount of time per game thus more attempts are possible.

    17: 716400 no slower than 18 but... less points and crappier colors, no point at all to using this

    9: 714000 Allows for a very high rate of tetrising and gets you accustomed to level change before 19 which i think helps a bit

    11: 705600 sort of balances 9 and 18's good parts; shorter total game length than 9 and more tetrising probability than 18. Though it also balances the bad points and has slightly less total possible points (but this is barley noticable as i find 11 gives me just as many "good transition scores/hr as the others)

    10: 699600 nope same speed as 9 and 11 so you really better like blue to use this one.

    12: 685200 again same speed and even less points

    13: 685800 600 more point than 12 and a faster speed... hell no

    16: 682800 same speed as 18 minus the points.. fail

    14: 658800 is this supposed to be a joke... EPIC FAIL

    15: 652800 NOOB... Whoever uses this... their face is an EPIC FAIL.

    so thats why...
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  18. Its what they do when timing rubik's cube times.
  19. Its what they do when timing rubik's cube times.


    Is there a line limit? can't you just start from level 1 if u want to max out? surely it'd be easier because u can attain 999999 at a overall lower level. You're score per minute would be lower but you would still reach 999999 right?
  20. yes... there is a line limit... sort of a kill screen actually, Level 29. Which level you start on determines how quickly you transition to level 19 and ergo, get to level 29 (which is always 100 lines after 19). All levels from 0-9 transition at 190, and end at 290. All starting below level 9 would do is give you fewer points in the first 89 lines. Starting on 1 or 0 simply gives Far fewer possible points before the game transitions than level 9 with no form of benifit.

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