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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. wow, impressive !
    congrats :)
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  2. Thanks guys :D

    @Sumez the hold button definitely makes a big difference. I think my best in TAP is an S7, whereas I can consistently get S7's and S8's in TI. There is a wiki page about techniques to try but if there is enough interest I'll try to record a game where I get an S9 or GM and commentate it and say why I do certain things if there is enough interest.

    Unfortunately I've just moved and have little access to internet until the ISP comes and connects me up, so I'm sure I won't see replies to this for a few days.

    I'm also somewhat interested in finding what the quickest GM can actually be. I've got an S9 at level 58 before, but I suspect you can get a GM slightly quicker than that. (19 * 9 + 1) / 4 + 2 + 20 / 4 = 50, so 51 levels could be the minimum. Explaining that, the first summand is the number of pieces required to fill in the well with the appropriate number of blocks, the 2 is the necessary line clears, the 20 / 4 is the levels you use up in the line clears. Then you need to actually top out, so 51 I think, without assuming structural problems if any do actually arise. @Kitaru this fixes something in our tweet chain.
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  3. upload_2017-3-8_23-37-21.png
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  4. No screenshot to show for it, but GB Tetris - 203 lines, 364,134.
  5. Highest level:
    Secret Grade - S8:
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  6. Doing secret grade while logged in, very brave. 83 for an S8 is also quite quick!
  7. WE HAVE 5
    Congratulations to @Oshisaure for Classic Secret GM!!!
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  8. heh thanks but I already got my GM quite a while ago, this one was @Oshisaure :D
  9. Oh oh! :D Well, congrats to Oshisaure! :)
  10. Thanks shuey, I'll post the video whenever I have time to so probably on Saturday
    Thanks also to Oliver for the shoutout while I was on limited internet access

    Edit it's here
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