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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. upload_2017-3-8_23-37-21.png
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  2. No screenshot to show for it, but GB Tetris - 203 lines, 364,134.
  3. Highest level:
    Secret Grade - S8:
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  4. Doing secret grade while logged in, very brave. 83 for an S8 is also quite quick!
  5. WE HAVE 5
    Congratulations to @Oshisaure for Classic Secret GM!!!
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  6. heh thanks but I already got my GM quite a while ago, this one was @Oshisaure :D
  7. Oh oh! :D Well, congrats to Oshisaure! :)
  8. Thanks shuey, I'll post the video whenever I have time to so probably on Saturday
    Thanks also to Oliver for the shoutout while I was on limited internet access

    Edit it's here
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  9. I forgot about this thread! It's Nullpomino Grade Mania 3 Classic rule, but it's something I'm still very proud of:
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  10. I had a random try, and only managed an M3.

  11. I have m9 in world shirase does that count
    Also nice job @Shuey
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  12. I'm not well versed in world rule, but even if it is easier, it's still incredibly impressive! :D Well done!
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  13. Well thank you and since it does count have a video woo
  14. Holy shit, that was amazing! I've never even considered starting how you started with the I and J, it'll be something I have to experiment with now. I'm not sure if it's the nature of a different rotation system or not, but we have a very different style. Maybe I'll have to learn some world rule...
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  15. Holy fuck, 94 L to 96 T is the most galaxy brain shit I have ever seen in a Secret Grade video.
  16. Thank you, and yeah there are a few starts I like to use. I mostly do I/J, T/L, but sometimes you can do sillier stuff like I/L by placing L vertically on the I against the wall and start your staircase by hanging a T on it like that:

    Not usable in 20G without filling a couple lines of the stack first but still good to know.

    Haha thanks, I can't remember if i actually saw the T comming, but I saw i could put it there.
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  18. Muf


    Now do it in classic rule :awe:
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  19. the absolute meme, that's what you did

    on a less related note, for those who haven't seen it in the 2016/2017 goals thread:

    i also did one heck of a meme, albeit in game boy tetris
    i'm still thinking about whether i should go for type-A maxouts at this point...

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