Mini Tetrisconcept meetup in Arcade Street?

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Qlex, 28 May 2015.

  1. I think it's long overdue that we start Tetrisconcept meetings in arcade game centers. I know there are players from Paris (@COL ? @Redlof_b ? @Sephyross ?) and so far the only game center I can think of is Arcade Street.
    Now I know the stick isn't the best on Earth, but it's a game center that has TGM2+ (duh). All the other places I'm thinking of are a bit less sure to welcome a few guys ready to play TGM for a chunk of time, and it's not cramped as fuck so we can chat, play and have a good time.

    I'm hoping a few people are interested in this so we can try and organize something fun, so by all means tell me what you think!

    EDIT : Redlof is from Lille so that's a bit of a stretch, but @Tomek could come iirc! Just tell if you're close enough!
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  2. Semi-related but I'm planning on coming to Paris at some point in the next 11 months because I'd like a final run at all the touristy stuff before I turn 26 and it stops being free for me. Literally no idea when yet but I'll definitely make some time for Arcade Street and some TAP playing when I do.
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  3. COL


    Well I can be here. Just warn me :)
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  4. Arcade Street is just 20min from home by RER for me :D
    So coming is not a problem for me.
    I suck badly at TGM for the moment but sure it'll be fun to play some Tetris around people ;)
    I'll come for sure if such a meeting is organized !
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  5. For my 666th post I propose the following. @Tomek, @COL :

    Do you guys want to come next Saturday? (Not this one the one after (June 6th)) Or would you rather have more people? I think we can test the waters and see if that looks doable on a monthly basis. Thoughts?
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  6. COL


    Ok for 6th June.
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  7. Yeah me too it's OK for 6th of June.
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  8. Then it's decided! The center opens at 14:00 so I might be there at 15:30... Let's say 16:00 for safety ;)
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  9. A little add : Might come in earlier so I can leave earlier as well... I guess 14:30-15:00 would be good. Afterwards, prolly leave at 18:30 19:00 at latest. Keep that in mind!
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  10. 14h30 ~ 15h might be a little early for me, I'll be there a bit later I think.
  11. Sorry, I wish I could have been there, but life kinda caught up on me (work, studies...) and I couldn't go. Maybe next time :) !
  12. It's cool! If you want to come again we can organize something in like two weeks! Just tell if there's a specific weekend where you can't, but I'm guessing the weekend of the end of June could be cool.

    Let me know what you think, guys

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