Meetups for Tetris 30th Anniversary? (June 6, 2014)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 20 May 2014.

  1. This seems kinda terribly thought out. Like what, announce a date just expect people around the world to get themselves organised and pull shit together in a couple of weeks? I mean, I get that it's not been running very long, but none of those places even seem to have a venue yet.

    Sure, they're chucking some prizes in but other than that it doesn't seem like TTC are doing anything to actively make anything happen on the organisational side.
  2. Oh, it's horribly planned and way short notice, for sure. It's kind of par for the course, lol.
  3. If anyone is in NYC for that day, I may be going to the MoMA to play the Electronika 60 version! They have it there! Or at least a clone or something.

    Also might be headed to Barcade in the evening - hit up the Atari machine.
  4. I started one in Montreal, but I'm probably going to be working that night.
  5. I'm pretty sure I can get a decent number of people together for this. Should be fun!
  6. i plan on having a smallish shingdig in portland. gotta represent.
  7. I'm #10 for now, fingers crossed it pans out.
  8. cgwg

    cgwg Unregistered

    In honour of the 30th anniversary, I've prepared instructions for the best-currently-available emulation of the original tetris.

    Requirements (I won't provide any links):
    1. The PDP-11 simulator from SIMH.
    2. The RT-11 disk image rtv53rl.dsk
    3. A disk image containing the original Tetris. This may be called GAMES.DSK or TETRIS.DSK.
    4. A up-to-date version of MESS.
    5. The MESS roms for ie15 and ie15_keyboard.

    Start simh-pdp11 and enter the following commands:
    sim> at rl0 rtv53rl.dsk
    sim> at rl1 GAMES.DSK
    sim> set throttle 100k
    sim> set console telnet=2323
    sim> set console pchar=37777777777
    sim> boot rl0
    It should say "Waiting for console Telnet connection"

    Then start mess with
    > mess ie15 bitbngr socket.localhost:2323
    Wait a moment while RT-11 boots. Then boot to single-job mode (this might be unnecessary with some versions of SIMH).
    : boot rt11sj
    Then run Tetris.
    : run dl1:tetri
    (Note that by default the apostrophe key is mapped to the key that produces a colon on the 15IE-00-013 terminal.)
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    rt11 doesn't start in mess, are u sure the syntax is correct?
  10. Redhot

    Redhot Unregistered

    Hi everybody, a little late for the meetup, but not for the MESS/SIMH emulation.

    @cgwg I managed to start the MESS/SIMH environment, but it doesn't start, better, it starts something sometimes but not the RT11... Can you provide details?

    @anonymous: syntax is correct as I can see the SIMH in "running" state after I fire MESS emulator. I guess there are flags that need to be set in MESS ROM to correctly manage serial port returns.

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