Meeting : USA summer 2012 (Seattle & San Francisco)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Amnesia, 26 Jan 2012.

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    So next summer, 2012 on August I will meet the american community. I have now my flight booked :

    - I arrive at Vancouver the August 5th : 6:45pm
    I meet Kevin there and we move by bus together, cross the border and go to Seattle.
    See more details for the Seattle meeting here :

    - Kevin and I move by flight on the August 11th to San Franciso and arrive at 11:15am
    See more details for the SF meeting here :

    - Kevin and I go back to Seattle the August 16th at 8pm and arrive at 9:56pm

    - I leave the continent from Vancouver the August 17th : 11:30am

    I will try to visit a bit the country, around this 2 cities Seattle and San Francisco, if someone leaving around has good suggestions...
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    I would like to have a big Tetris Concept meeting at SouthTown Arcade, as it is one of the two locations in the United States with a publicly operating Tetris Grand Master 3 machine. They seem willing to accommodate us for an event, so if we coordinate with them we could probably bring other boards and maybe even set up a stream of the event.

    Zircean will be coming to California in the summer for his internship, Kevin has expressed interest in visiting at some point, and we also have a pretty good number of members that are standing California Bay Area residents. So, I'm throwing in my chip for San Francisco at the moment. :)
  3. Amnesia

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    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    If you don´t remove this "piece of shit", I cancel this trip :twisted:
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    He is talking about the "piece of cake" under his nickname ^^
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    Kitaru, the only reason why I suggested that Amnesia come via Seattle is because he might be able to get a cheaper flight, stay for a day or two up there, then take the train down with me to SF/Bay Area. I hate hate hate hate hate flying so I would really prefer to take the train anyway, so if Amnesia wanted to check out Seattle as well it could be a possibility!
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    If this happens in SF, there's a good chance I will make the trek! It's about time I meet some of you crazy loons! :)
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    I think there's no question that it's gonna happen in SF; it's just a matter of where Amnesia initially arrives. Should be fun! :)
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    Oh oh, I see! Kevin's plan sounds good. :)

    @mikehaggar: Awesome, glad to hear it! :D
  11. Amnesia

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    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    So it is 99% going to be between 11th and 17th August for me, + or - 1 days. I actually will stay 2 weeks max, but I don´t intend to do 2 weeks of full TGM nerd meeting, I think there are enougt things to visit in this part of the world.
    Wait a moment to have the exact date of my arrival...
  12. Amnesia

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    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    Shit it seems to be around 1000 euros for both Budapest-Seattle or San Francisco..Whatever if I arrive the Saturday 11 or Monday 13.
    3 months ago I had some stuff under 800.:(
    The most frustrating is that it costs around 500 if I make it in June, but I tried to negociate with my boss and it is not possible...And I don´t want to lose my 3 years place in the "safe" Hungary with these rumors of 3rd World War coming soon..

    So what do you prefer ?? I have to choose quickly now or prices will become insane soon. And I sure, won´t do this trip every year.
    So it mosly sounds like this but I have not bought it yet.

    ALLER : 11/08 - 09:50 Budapest (Ferihegy) - San Francisco 18h45
    RETOUR : 23/08 - 10:45 San Francisco - Budapest (Ferihegy) 13:10 (+1)
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    I'll respond to this in the morning; it's 3am and I don't have time to write out something now but I'll do it ASAP tomorrow.
  14. Amnesia

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    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    First post updated
  15. ei


    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    Just want to post here to remind me that I'm thinking about doing this (on vacation with my family in New Orleans and am currently fairly drunk):

    I'm possibly considering joining everyone else in LA (assuming that's the plan that actually happens during some point in Amnesia's stay) for a weekend or something similar during this meetup. I'd certainly be able to join in for a weekend, possibly a few days extra (depends a little bit on what my boss at work thinks given that I'm joining the company full-time in mid-June and would need to discuss vacation time); I'd probably fly down and would probably need pickup from an airport or something similar, but it seems like a good opportunity.

    We'd obviously need to work out details but I'd definitely look forward to meeting some TC peeps in person.
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    I think it's going to be in Norcal (SF, Bay Area, etc), but otherwise that sounds pretty good! I'm sure we can get a ride arranged. I would definitely come out this time; it's probably the last event I will be able to attend! Should be great!
  17. ei


    Re: Meeting : USA NW summer 2012

    Oh, my bad. I'll blame the intoxication for the wire-crossing on that.

    Anyway, I'll need to determine how long I'd be in the area (I'll probably know next Wednesday at the absolute earliest--next one-on-one with my boss) and would probably want to figure out good hotels to stay in or other lodging options.

    In any case, I definitely look forward to it!
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    Just a heads up: this is still happening! As an incentive to try and get some people to come out to Seattle for the Seattle wing of the event, I should mention that there can be free accomodation and food for up to, say, 4 or 5 people for the duration of the Seattle meetup. If you want to fly in but don't want to spend stupid money on a hotel and food, hopefully this can help convince you to come! We'll have TGM1, 2, and 3 available in candy cabs along with other awesome Tetris games such as Tetris Plus, Tetris Plus 2, Sega Tetris, Blockout, and more! A dual angle recording setup will be available for creating some awesome gameplay videos! We'll additionally be having a tournament (likely at Full Tilt), although the format is undecided yet. The California wing of the event will also have a tournament (likely at Southtown Arcade), and we'll have the same boards available for play. Recording setup should be able to be transported down there as well.
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    Might actually consider this. I'll probably have the monies to afford it, and could combine it with seeing a fair few other people I know over the interwebs who live in the Vancouver area.

    Definitely would still place myself as "not going" but will have a think and look into it a little bit.

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