Meeting in Strasbourg (canceled from Paris)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by K, 3 Jun 2007.

  2. I learned a *lot* with those discussions.

    Also, I finally broke S1 in TAP Master ! \o/
  3. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    That reminds me of how I used to train my little brother and my cousins. I'd videotape a game (back then it was Tetris for NES, but now it's Lockjaw for GBA on a Game Boy Player), run it in slow motion, have my apprentice suggest where to put the piece, and if the positions didn't match, we'd explain our thought processes. Then he taped his own game, and we traded places.

    I don't think this would have to be in person. If I added a "pause after each lock" feature in Lockjaw replays, we could have these sorts of discussions over Blockstats IRC.
  4.'s one-handed gm.avi

    Here's a video that shows me getting Gm in TGM1, in 12:04, one handed! And the video shows both a video capture and a video recording of my hand. I actually was able to pull it off on my first attempt, but we knocked the camera off-center mid-game so I did several more takes and we picked the best one. If you watch until the end there's a funny clip that shows what I use my other hand for while playing. Spoilers: It's awesome.

    New records I may or may not have mentioned:

    599 in Death by jago

    10:48 Gm in TGM1 by jago
  5. I am jealous. I haven't been able to pull a GM in TGM1 for too long now. And seeing this... [​IMG]
  6. Small photo update:

    Did you know that colour_thief had a secret identity ? He's L !!


    Anyway. We spent nearly three hours to study a single play from others players.

  7. Wow sorry about the shirtlessness guys. I swear I wouldn't have looked fat if I wasn't curled forward in all those shots.

    In other news I just raised the Death record to 699.

  8. what lol
  9. a good tetris player should be shirtless at least 66% of the time.
  10. I'm just glad there aren't any pictures of me shirtless. You would have needed a wider angle lense!
  11. mat


    90% of my tetris is played in the nude.
  12. Cubicz

    Cubicz Unregistered

    Do you address each other by name or forum alias?
  13. By name, almost always.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    You took away 50% of the geekiness! [​IMG]
  15. I'm home. That was really, really great. Hope we'll do it again next year.

    New and (sadly [​IMG] ) last batch of images for me. Now with proper thumbnails.

    Taratang and others playing

    Little vs Big Screen. The little one wins, actually (the projector has a slight but annoying lag) .

    That's how the I rotation works, with Blokus' blocks.

    The tripod was used for a more respectable camera and/or camcorder later.

    Amnesia playing Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon.

    Oldschool M rank [​IMG] .


    Some buildings in old Strasbourg, near the cathedral. Notice the shell stuck on a corner of the hotel (a gift from the Americans, as they say).

    Someone said "Too much polygon" on IRC. Definitely [​IMG] .

    Stained glass from inside the cathedral.

    "La Petite France" in old Strasbourg. Quite a nice place to live.

    Egret ? Hmmm, that remember me something...

    Strasbourg's famous Flamenkueche. It look like barf but taste like heavens.

    Arte's headquarters. Arte is a franco-german cultural TV station. And one of the best, IMHO (along with the TSR [​IMG]).

    European Council building. Nice architecture, bad construction, according to Jago.

    Epic flags !

    Jago's (and ct's) Tartiflette au munster and my Jambonneau brais avec pommes sautes et salade. That's not Bocuse but it's definitely a solid meal. Yum Yum.
  16. K


    nice compilation PetitPrince !

    thanks for all those photos...

    the current status is : ct and me have both reached level 699.

    we are equal on Meeting best T.A. Death run.

    We earned so much M rank that we start to become confident and really hope we'll each break personnal best. we are very close.

    also check out ct's one handed video [​IMG]

    [Markup Fairy was here -- MOD]
  17. the video is really cool [​IMG] but would be even cooler if it were continuous.

    @jago: is colourthief still with you? what news are to be told?

    @colour: dont worry about showing your adams costume, clothes only slow down arm movements due to increased friction and have to be removed to play the best [​IMG] (though that didnt helped me that much... ) amazing that you guys could reach records anyway with these temperatures during the last days.
  18. K



    what's up ? hmmm

    we have tested in a strict roll over way Master Mode, instead of letting each one play 30 min (game center habit).

    the result was quite interesting with several S9 for both quite close from the M condition : 8min51 > 9min

    I earn Gold RO medal in master mode (ct noticed me [​IMG])

    and we broke some section times.

    i've subscribed again in Xbox Live for ct and TGM Ace (my profile indicate ~480 days of inactivity on Live [​IMG]) , and he had a lot of fun. he particularly liked Road mode.

    we also played Geometry wars and Pacman C.E. (demo only) and both games are very fun !


    right now we are trying to install XNA. (just for fun) [​IMG]
  19. yeah. XNA.

    as much as i dislike microsofts proprietarism, as much i can see they are doing it right. it costs only 99$ per year and you can share your creations with other developers. and the devkit for pc windows only are even free!

    WiiWare on the contrary, is completely inaccessible for the hobby developer. furthermore, i even cannot find anything on the web regarding development details. or i am too stupid to google? there does not to be even a tiny bit of information how you can program in WiiWare or Wii in general. does anyone has some links?

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