Meeting in Strasbourg (canceled from Paris)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by K, 3 Jun 2007.

  1. \o/

    So I won't be alone with jago past the weekend ! [​IMG]
  2. Important update for Jago, who I know is booking my TGV ticket soon:

    I leave on Friday... I arrive on Saturday July 28th. Sorry for the mistake!!!
  3. K


    currently it is ok, i've just checked about time and price

    but i still haven't receive your flight reservation confirmation by email.

    Is this ok ?

    must i still wait for the train reservation ? or do you think it is ok ? [​IMG]

    Do you like candies ? Coooooome... [​IMG]
  4. Watch out, I'm a experienced karateka [​IMG]
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I hope we will have a serious discussion about the DEATH mode [​IMG]

    I wait a lot of this meeting...

    I still don't understand why I can reach this.......... [​IMG] fucking m rank any more...Even with the lot of improvemrnt I got this 3 last month..

    I know it's totally psycologic...But WHY ME ?????!!!!!! [​IMG]
    Why matt, jago and c_t have reached their second in the 2-3 following weeks ?? Even DIGITAL often break the torikan on heboris..

    Maybe I will be the proof nobody has the same limit at tetris..Even with a strong and regular training... [​IMG]
  6. K


    as much as you want about TAP [​IMG]

    bought a whiteboard for quick display information, score, mini tornament... etc...

    To all attendies (except ct) : please inform me about your sleeping bag+ground carpet (airbag ? don't know the exact word) possibilities.

    I'm strongly considering about a video projector...
  7. Best idea ever.

    Sinon j'ai un sac de couchage.
  8. I will be bringing a sleeping bag (and a DS + PSP).
  9. K


    did you received your train ticket ??? [​IMG]
  10. K


    mouha ha ha !

    a video projector !

    definitly the geekest international tetris meeting...
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    And I will bring the real tetris game in board game, with the little plastic tetriminos..It's very usefull for soe little lesson or moves analysis...
  12. Yes! Sorry, I thought I had already said. Thank you!
  13. Piotr Bajnahrov

    Piotr Bajnahrov Unregistered

    Sorry guys, I'm afraid I won't come to Strasbourg.

    I'm running low on money those days and if Amnesia doesn't lend me 200$, it will strictly be impossible. So i'm going to make a paypal account, and maybe if you all donate to me, we will get to a cheerful conclusion.

    Please understand my position, I'm the saddest here.
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am really disapointed..

    I had said you for the train ticket..

    On the approximately 160 I could be able to help you with 30-40 but no more..I spend TOO MUCH money in London.. [​IMG]
    I will miss you..So I will be alone with Jagorochi.. [​IMG]
  15. K


    ok guys, invitations are closed now.

    Please check the final attendie list on the first post. Mfm will finally come from 27 to 5.

    cause I've got looot of stuff to sort out until meeting, and next week will be very busy.

    I still don't know about sleepbag + airbed possibilities from everybody :

    taratang : 1 sleeping bag

    petitprince : ?

    amnesia : sleeping bag + airbed ?

    mfm : ?

    Sy : canceled.

    i've got a convertible sofa (2 place) but i would prefer to move it away to get place, replaced by a 2 places airbed. I have to buy other furnitures. but please REPORT me ASAP your possibilities. (certainly we've already discussed about it on IRC but confirm here again cause simple for me than searching inputs everywhere)

    thanks !

    i will pm everybody about "how to join me directly".
  16. Me: sleeping bag
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I've tried to send you a PM jago but I think it hasn't worked..

    This evening I'll send you a mail, I am about to convince Sy with a help of 80..Please if it's possible, let us a little bonus time to take the final decision for him..
  18. "NEW way of training discovered...

    This is my last chance.."

    whats your new way? amnesia?
  19. K


    how to come from Roissy charle de gaulle airport to Gare de l'Est train station :

    1) Take the train "RER line B" and stop at Station Gare de Lyon (~27 min).

    2) Take the metro line 4, direction "Porte d'orlans", or line 5 direction "Place d'Italie", and stop at the Gare de l'Est. Only 1 station, less than 5 min.

    3) Wait for the fucking TGV that will probably be in late (as usual).

    optional : if you want to save the metro ticket and feel enough confident to not lost yourself in Paris, than you do point 2 by walk. [​IMG]

    RER map :

    Metro map :

    ok ?
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    IT'S MY SECRET !!!!!! [​IMG]

    no seriously... [​IMG]
    option input general, user interface, then you active the "throttle"

    The game run at ~150 % of his speed..

    Actually I can't play the master mode over 800 with that.. [​IMG]

    Jago, I will definitely arrive at 18h45, you made a mistake on the first post.. [​IMG]

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