Max-Out Event?

Thread in 'Competition' started by Josh Tolles, 15 Feb 2014.


If you have already maxed NES, could you do it again if you spent a day trying?

  1. 100% likely to succeed

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  2. 50% likely to succeed

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  3. 25% likely

  4. 10%

  5. 5% or less

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  6. I haven't maxed and do not qualify for this question.

  1. I think it would be really cool for everyone who has maxed out NES Tetris, and everyone who is close, to pick a day (like some random Satureday) to really try hard--and I mean really, really try, damn it!--to max out.

    We could do a most-maxouts-in-one-day type event. I think that would be the bomb-diggety yo.
  2. Harry had suggested exactly this at some point, and I certainly like the idea.

    And really, maybe our little community of devotees should pull our collective heads out of our asses publicity wise. I know there are twitch channels with HUGE viewership's out there who would probably love to host and publicize just such a thing.

    In fact, screw that. I know of one and I'm going to contact them right now to gauge general interest in having such an event. I even think (but I'm not sure) that the one I'm thinking of is based in LA so about 5 or 6 folks, who for some reason live awkwardly close to one another, wouldn't even have to bother with setting up a twitch deal at all.

    This, Josh, is my favorite idea I've heard in NEStris for some time!! Good thinking!
  3. Cool...Maybe someone can set up a "tinychat" room so people can come and go as they please....With the different time zones etc.
  4. Tiny chat has worked well in the past. However. I thinks its high time we did this far more publicly ;)
  5. i believe this could be something that could be done before the tetris championships to increase awareness and viewership, too. we need to get vince in on this. it could also be set up in a few major cities simultaneously pretty easily. we could regional contingents.
  6. If we have a Tinychat or Google Hangout or Skype or whatever, then have someone restream it to Twitch, that sounds aces.
  7. Should pick a date and hold an annual thing à la the Carnival of Death
  8. I have a 500Mbit upload connection and would be glad to help with the re-stream if so desired.
  9. All the time people have put in to only max 1-3 times? I doubt even 10% is a good guess and to the people that said 25%, you should be maxing out all the time then.
  10. before i maxed i played less than an hour most days with a high score in the 800ks daily so i assume if i played for a whole 24 (as predicated by the post) i could do it at least 25% of the time. i play maybe five games on 18 daily now that i have maxed and get at least 700k in one them all the time. i think it is not only possible, but probable. you, ben, chad, david, quaid, jonas, buco, josh, harry, alex, eli, and thor are all better than me so i am certain if we got in a room (even minus harry, jonas, and thor) we could do it in a day.
  11. Challenge accepted.
  12. i talked to bo about doing this last year. i proposed that i would play for about 10-12 hours and try to get 15-20 max-outs. he said it was crazy, lol. most max-outs for me was 7 in a 4-5 hour period. if enough people are interested, i'll seriously contemplate doing it.
  13. i think it would a great event to do before or during the championships!
  14. 2 years later, what ever happened to this idea? I would love to see it happen!

    Do we even have any NES players here anymore?

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