Matchmaking algorithm alternative proposal

Thread in 'Discussion' started by spacemarine3kyr, 14 Feb 2020.

  1. Hello, everyone. I’m needing a little help from you.

    A few weeks ago I started working on a Tetris clone with multiplayer support, just to justify a few experiments I was doing using some tech stuff I was learning at the moment (RabbitMQ, Redis, load balancing stuff in case you want to know). Nothing serious.

    Thing is that during the development I noticed that I was developing something like Tetris 99 and Tetris Friends without noticing it.

    My curiosity took me to deepen more about this topic. So the more I know about Tetris, the more I work on this project.

    I ended up knowing a couple of things that make me keep working on this little experiment and also one big doubt about this which I want to discuss with this post. It’s a little short, here it is:

    * Every casual Tetris player complains about the matchmaking algorithm. I think that this seems a little obvious since Tetris multiplayer is always full of hardcore gamers and pair the game with a casual player makes it almost impossible. So every casual player will always be paired with a hardcore one.

    So that makes me think this:

    * What if a casual player is paired, not with an online player, but a pre-recorded game which matches with your stats. Will you play and compete not with a bot but with a pre-recorded match which is selected according to your rank?
  2. You've just described how Tetris Friends (and Tetris Battle) worked in non-Arena modes - all the matches in those games were against pre-recorded replays. However, note that in both games the garbage sent was solid (with bombs in Battle's case) since if the garbage had holes replays would fail as soon as the garbage didn't match up.

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