[Marquee] TGM3 Custom Marquee design for AtomiswaveSD

Thread in 'Discussion' started by AtomiswaveSD, 11 Sep 2015.

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    This is my custom marquee design for AtomiswaveSD cabinet. Well the logo is not 100% correct as I did not nail the font right however it looks pretty good for first run. I will try to create TAP marquee next (it will be long process as there are much to be re-drawn, 3d modeling and render).
  2. Turned out pretty good! Nice work. :)
  3. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    I'm pretty sure selling a product with Arika/TTC's art+design is illegal. In most countries at, least.
  4. It's not like there aren't various ARIKA/TGM3/whatever t-shirts, joysticks and such which have been sold and purchased across this forum by various members of the community, and none of those were legit official TetrisĀ® merchandise. Would be more typical of TC practice for him to release the artwork and people can procure their own if they want it, but if he's actually making them himself rather than just buying them off his design from a 3rd party anyway, then there's precedent for it being acceptable on here.

    There's good reason for TC to have a firm stance against warez and bootlegging (not least because there are other sites for that, and because authentic items aren't that hard to find), but people making, sharing and selling cool but copyright-infringing stuff has historically been fine - people do that at their own risk.
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  5. I'm fully aware about the logo and artwork belongs to Arika /TTC.
    This is purely fan art and I made this marquee in my spare time.
    I don't mean to do any business or infringe copyright here.
  6. For what it's worth, at the TGM4 location test the Arika staff loved the fact that someone was wearing a bootleg Arika shirt. :)

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