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    I want an arcade stick but because they are so expensive and I'm broke, I'm hoping I can make one instead!

    Has anyone here ever made one from scratch? If so, can you give any advice that you wish you'd knew before starting on one?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Thirded. I think there are some threads around here about people that have modded sticks with better parts, but Slagcoin is probably going to be the place to look at regarding building boxes from scratch and such.
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    If I were making another stick, these are the things that I would do differently or take particular care with:
    • If at all possible, make the faceplate out of metal. 14SWG sheet steel would do nicely and allow for a simple design like this one: image
    • If forced to make it out of wood, I would use a design like this one: image, or this simpler one: image, (both are essentially the same).
    • If you look at most commercial sticks, e.g. HRAP3, there are usually 6 bolts around the edge of the faceplate; a lot of users would prefer a completely smooth faceplate with no bolt heads visible. I would simply go with the bolt heads being visible, the effort and compromises needed to get around this aren't worth it.
    • Having said that, it is absolutely essential not to have protruding bolt heads anywhere close to the stick itself. This stick is a definite no-no: image.
    • Definitely go with a standard japanese button layout; something like the Astro City layout works well. Seriously, I wouldn't even bother considering anything else.
    • Use a Sanwa JLF stick and OBSN or OBSF buttons. Again, I wouldn't bother considering anything else (except for a seimitsu LS-32 for shmups perhaps).
    • Definitely use quick disconnects.
    • Keep wiring as neat as possible; tie wires together in bundles wherever feasible.
    • Spend EXTRA CARE soldering to your hacked pad's pcb. Optional: gunning a glob of glue around solder joints can help prevent the wires from flexing and damaging the joint.
    • Alternatively, strongly consider using a Cthulhu: link to SRK forums.

    That's about all I can think of for the time being. As for what I consider to be the most important: Firstly it's how rigidly the stick is anchored; that's partly why I suggested bolting to heavy sheet steel if possible; you really want it to feel as solid as possible. Secondly, really do spend extra care with soldering and wiring; you don't want to experience electrical faults simply because you rushed this bit.
  4. orz


    qcfgaming sells blank cases w/ precut plexis for like 30bux thats where i got my blank case from a++ seller would buy again
  5. WOOT! Thanks for the replies. I'll read through these at a later date though. :D
  6. Cool. I'll take a look at your threads later too. B)

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