Records: Magical Drop III

Thread in 'Competition' started by tada, 15 Dec 2008.

  1. By suggestion of colour_thief.

       1 tada                1260928    6d    17
       2 colour_thief        1056148     ?    26
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  2. I got 195934, 12 reactions. But it's telling me this is my "Survival Mode" score without letting me know the difficulty mode. I played a bunch of all 3 without keeping track so I'm confused.
  3. Since the game keeps all the survival mode scores on one table, I will too.

    Also: the Japan MVS has way more features, including telling you your rank. I'd recommend playing it.
  4. 1056148, Fantastic, 26 Combo

    I'm getting the hang of this! It's really fun. [​IMG] Still playing the English version, though I'm guessing being "fantastic" is just the way they translated the rank?
  5. colour_thief, your score has been usurped.

    1260928, 6-dan, 17 combo
  6. -8 years later-

    What settings were you guys playing on? I was stuck at my friend's place yesterday and managed to put these up on his Neo Geo.

    Rank 1 was done on Easy, Rank 2 and down on Normal.

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