M-roll conditions in TAP Master : Tetris in-between sections

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  1. Quoting this post from @MaryHadALittle :

    I was puzzled by the existence of a byte and @TGGC recently posted. Reposting here so we can gather info in one place.

    You mean that they had that idea in the beginning and then decided to scrap that? I would tend to see it that way, but then I'm wondering what we are actually watching when we're reading bits of the M-Roll condition byte (0x06064BD0). Are we absolutely sure that this byte is used for the M-roll? If so, what does the code read?
  2. Code:
    <cheat desc="Set All P1 M-Roll Flags">
        <script state="run">
    Pulled directly from my Mame cheats file. I can guarantee that this is the btye (Player 2 is 0x6064F84) because I have used this cheat, and it works.

    Edit: after thinking about it for a moment, based on how this cheat works, is it possible clear time is not factored in with this byte? To practice M-rolls in mame, you have to set the byte beforehand, start at 998(another cheat) and clear one line. Either that, or this is the needed value BEFORE clearing the game sub-8:45.
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